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 Arlington Texas Lawn Insect Control Lawn Insect Control Arlington TX

Arlington Texas Lawn Insect Control – The main concern for most people when it comes to having a beautiful lawn in Arlington is getting rid of weeds. However, lawn pests can be just as damaging. It’s rarely easy for property owners to identify the source of their lawn issues. Frequently, a lawn pest problem in Arlington is misidentified as a disease. This can mean wasting time and resources on the wrong treatment. Choose a professional Arlington, Texas lawn insect control company to eliminate your pest problem.

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Arlington Texas Lawn Insect Control – When it comes to lawn insect control in Arlington, we’ve got you covered. Our General Lawn, Insect Control program, includes all of the common Lawn Damaging Insects in Texas like chinch bugs, fire ants, caterpillars, Armyworms, billbugs, and various grubs. We can provide preventative services that keep your lawn green or eradicate an existing infestation. If you sign up for our Fertilization and Weed Control program, then we’ll monitor the insect activity in your lawn to ensure that you won’t be troubled by pests.

Is Insect Control Necessary in Arlington Texas?

Arlington Texas Lawn Insect Control – Lawns in Arlington are susceptible to numerous pest infestations. Depending on the type of pest involved, the damage to the lawn can be quick and extensive. Too many property owners wait and see what happens when they first notice lawn damage. By the time they call for professional pest control, the problem has gotten out of hand.

The hunting billbug is becoming an increasing headache for property owners across Texas. It feeds on various grass species, and it causes damage that is often mistaken for drought or disease. The multiple species of cutworms are also a problem for Arlington lawns. These nocturnal caterpillars may feed entirely below the surface on the lawn’s root system, making them difficult to detect and treat. Property owners with St. Augustine grass may be particularly troubled by chinch bugs. These pests are most active when the hot, dry months of the summer arrive. With voracious appetites, they are capable of killing entire lawns with unbelievable speed.

How Can You Reduce Lawn Insect Issues?

Arlington Texas Lawn Insect Control – Following good cultural practices is one of the best ways to keep lawn insects under control. That means maintaining thatch at a minimum and regularly aerating turf. Methods such as these allow insecticides and fertilizers to work at maximum efficiency. These chemicals, when applied at the right time and in the correct amount, will promote the overall health and vitality of the turf, which means that it will be less susceptible to pests.

Why Choose Green Top for Lawn Insect Control in Arlington TX?

Arlington Texas Lawn Insect Control – If you want results, then you’ll want the highly-trained professionals at Green Top handling your pest issues. This includes comprehensive advice concerning good cultural practices that will help your lawn resist pest infestations. With a horticulturist on staff, we are prepared to quickly diagnose and treat even the most persistent pest problem in Arlington.


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