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Arlington Texas Weed Control – Lawn weeds don’t belong in your Arlington Texas lawn. You can send them packing with Green Top Lawn Care. It’s important to get on top of the situation as soon as you notice weeds springing up. Each one you see could be capable of producing hundreds of seeds, which means that the problem is only going to get worse. Look to Green Top Lawn Care to provide the Arlington Texas weed control you need.

Weed Control Services

Whether you see grassy weeds like crabgrass or broadleaf weeds like dandelion, Green Top Lawn Care has a solution for you. We can apply pre-emergent chemicals that stop weeds before they get started, and we can also apply post-emergent herbicides to weeds that have already become established. With continuing vigilance, it is possible for home and business owners to have the green, weed-free lawn they’ve been dreaming of.

Common Arlington Texas Weeds

Nutsedges are a familiar Arlington, Texas weed. They stick out of turfgrass like a sore thumb because they grow faster than the turf and often exhibit a lighter green color. This completely spoils the even texture of an otherwise picture-perfect lawn.

Thistles have also been known to wreak havoc on Arlington lawns. Thanks to their extensive and ever-growing root system and their ability to send their seeds floating over long distances, these invasive plants can quickly take over your yard. Fortunately, Green Top can help you deal effectively with this situation.

Other common weeds in Arlington, Texas include clover, henbit, rescue grass, and tall fescue.

Methods of Weed Control

The healthier your lawn is, the less likely it is to be attacked by weeds. This means ensuring that your turf is thick and flourishing with appropriate, seasonal fertilization. It’s similarly important to provide the right amount of water on the correct schedule. Aeration alleviates soil compaction, making your lawn less attractive to weeds that love tightly packed earth. The application of pre- and post-emergents may also be vital to putting an end to the cycle of weeds in your yard.

Why Choose Green Top Lawn Care Weed Control?

Green Top is licensed to give their technicians access to reliable chemical treatments that can alleviate all sorts of weed problems. These treatments are not available to the public, which means that the professionals at Green Top can resolve even the toughest Arlington, Texas weed problems.

A knowledgeable technician will visit your property routinely to check for potential problems. This makes it possible to spot an issue before it becomes difficult to eradicate.

All of the equipment used by Green Top is carefully calibrated to deliver just the right amount of products to your lawn, making it safe for people, pets and the environment.


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