Hybrid Bermuda Grass – ID and Care

Hybrid bermuda grass Hybrid bermuda grass

Hybrid Bermuda Grass – ID and Care
An elegant, finely bladed turf that is ideal for full-sun areas, hybrid Bermuda grass is often found on golf courses. However, it’s also making appearances in residential lawns. This is happening despite the fact that hybrid Bermuda grass requires more maintenance than common Bermuda grass. In the case of the hybrid varieties of Bermuda, its advantages definitely outweigh its drawbacks.

Hybrid Bermuda grass simply has better resistance to disease than common Bermuda grass. Moreover, it has better turf density, which means it’s much more difficult for weeds and other invaders to germinate. This turf also produces fewer seed heads, and some varieties are advertised as producing no seed heads at all. Accordingly, a hybrid Bermuda lawn is generally easier to control and less likely to produce pollen that causes allergies. The fine, soft texture of this turf is another plus. It feels wonderful on bare feet. It also has a deeper, richer color than common Bermuda grass.

Hybrid Bermuda – Maintain It Correctly

Of course, to really take advantage of a hybrid Bermuda lawn, it is essential to maintain it properly. Edging, close mowing, dethatching and fertilization are all necessary components. It needs plenty of fertilization including heavy applications of nitrogen. Getting the formulation just right can be tricky, which is why many people who have a hybrid Bermuda lawn choose to have it professionally maintained. Adequate watering is also very important as hybrid Bermuda is not as drought tolerant as common Bermuda. A lawn maintenance company can provide insight and guidance regarding how much and how often a hybrid Bermuda lawn should be watered.

Bermuda grass can thrive in all sorts of growing conditions in Texas. You’ll frequently see the use of this turf on fairways and putting greens. However, its hardiness also makes it attractive to homeowners. As long as these lawns are well maintained, it’s difficult to beat their appearance. This grass always does best in full sun conditions. If your yard has a number of shade trees, then it may be sensible to choose another kind of turf. In shady conditions, hybrid Bermuda grass may appear sparse and thin or may stop growing entirely.

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