Zoysia Grass in North Texas

Zoysia Grass in North Texas ID and Care
An increasing number of property owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are choosing Zoysia grass. This dense turf excels at choking out weeds and it’s tough enough to deal with dry summer heat. Accordingly, it’s a low-maintenance option that won’t break the bank when it comes to your water bill.

Planting Zoysia grass has many advantages. It’s an aggressive grower, which means that you can start it from plugs and it will fill in any bare spaces with remarkable speed. In fact, Zoysia grows more vigorously to the side than it does upward. This means that it needs to be mowed relatively infrequently when compared with other types of turf. Of course, this also means that Zoysia is capable of taking over your entire yard if you’re not prepared. It’s essential to provide deep edging around flower beds to keep Zoysia from taking them over too.

Why Zoysia Grass in North Texas?

Zoysia is a warm-season grass that has a deep, extensive root system. This is what makes it so drought tolerant. If you’re looking for a way to trim your water bill for good, then this may be the answer you’re looking for. Moreover, Zoysia loves both the heat and the cold. It especially thrives in the hot Texas summers when it seems to grow better than ever, yet still doesn’t need to be mowed as often as other grasses. Zoysia is naturally pest and disease resistant, which also means tremendous savings. It needs little in the way of pesticides or other chemicals. When it comes to fertilizing, Zoysia is considered a light feeder, meaning that it doesn’t need as many seasonal applications, nor does it require a particularly strong chemical formula.

If you’ve been plagued by bare spots in your lawn or if you have considerably high-traffic areas where the grass just doesn’t seem to thrive, then maybe it’s time to try Zoysia grass. This turf is particularly good at healing itself, meaning that bare spots are a thing of the past. Zoysia fills in all of the empty patches and can even choke out other types of grass.

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