Frank Khosh

Frank Khosh is a highly experienced lawn care professional with over 13 years of expertise in all aspects of the industry. As the owner of Green Top Lawn Care, he is committed to delivering exceptional service that his clients can rely on. Look no further than Frank for all your lawn care needs.

Detect and Manage Bermuda Mites in Your Lawn

Every homeowner cherishes a lush, healthy, and vibrant lawn. But, occasionally, problems threaten to damage our green spaces' pristine beauty. One of the issues that might sneak up on us is the presence of Bermuda mites. These tiny pests may seem inconspicuous but...

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Bermuda mites damage in a Grapevine Lawn

5 great lawn maintenance tips you should know

At Green Top Lawn Care, we believe in equipping homeowners with the knowledge to sustain their yards to the highest standards. As experts in lawn maintenance services, we've garnered key insights that we're excited to share with you. Maintaining a lush, green, and...

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lush, green, and healthy lawn

Can You Put Fertilizer on Your Lawn to Kill Weeds?

The foundation of a lush, vibrant lawn is a well-planned fertilization program. Fertilizers do not kill weeds, but they play a crucial role in discouraging the growth of these weeds that plague your yard. The Role of Fertilizer in Lawn Care Enriched with essential...

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Lawn Tech spraying weeds in lush fertilized lawn to prevent weeds from coming up.

8 Tips on Caring for St. Augustine Grass

In North Texas, homeowners are well-acquainted with the beautiful and resilient St. Augustine grass. Known for its lush appearance and adaptability to various soil types, this warm-season turfgrass is a popular choice for lawns in the region. However, taking care...

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Taking Care of St. Augustine Grass in North Texas

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