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Bedford Texas Weed Control Lawn Weeds Bedford Texas

When weeds invade your Bedford, Texas lawn, the problem immediately becomes apparent. They are prickly, unsightly and a different color from your turf. Perhaps worst of all, they only become worse over time. Eventually, they’ll be stealing vital nutrients that belong to your turf. To prevent this, it’s crucial that you speak with Green Top Lawn Care for Bedford, Texas weed control.

Bedford Weed Control Services

If your once picture-perfect lawn is now sprouting with clover, ground ivy, spurge, and dallisgrass, then it’s time to take control. Green Top Lawn Care provides Bedford, Texas weed control services that get to the root of the problem. This means eradicating existing weeds as well as preventing new weeds from putting in an appearance. To stop this cycle, an ongoing program of weed control that may include pre- and post-emergent herbicides is essential.

Common Bedford, Texas Weeds

Dandelions are among the most common weeds in Bedford, Texas. They can make an appearance in any lawn, and they can be incredibly difficult to kill thanks to their extraordinarily long taproot. Pulling out dandelions won’t get rid of the problem. An effective chemical treatment, when applied by a professional, is what’s needed to end the dandelion cycle.

If you see a weed with purple blooms in your turf, then you may be dealing with henbit. Once it starts sprouting, it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of. The trick is often the use of a pre-emergent herbicide that kills the seed before it becomes an uncontrollable problem.

Other common Bedford, Texas weeds include chickweed, black medic, plantain, mallow, goosegrass, Poa annua, henbit, and quack grass.

Methods of Weed Control

Good cultural practices are often the key to having a weed-free lawn. That means using practical mowing techniques like only removing one-third of the height of the grass. This may mean more frequent mowing, but your turf will be healthier. It’s also essential to regularly aerate your grass. Having too much thatch makes it difficult for your lawn to thrive. When it’s weakened, it’s more susceptible to weeds. The judicious application of pre- and post-emergent herbicides are also recommended for dealing with weeds at every stage of the life cycle.

Why Choose Green Top Lawn Care for Bedford Weed Control?

With our year-round weed control program, you’ll see fewer invasive plants and more of the healthy lawn you’ve been working toward. We’ll do a soil test on your lawn to make sure that your turf is getting the nutrients it needs in precisely measured doses. This makes your lawn healthier and less vulnerable to all sorts of weeds. Green Top can also help you perfect your watering techniques so that your turf is getting just the right amount of hydration. We will give you watering tips and leave you notes about any watering issues.


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