Lawn Services Colleyville TX

Lawn Services Colleyville TX

Lawn Services Colleyville TX: Green Top Lawn Care

Locally owned and operated, Green Top Lawn Care is rated 5 stars for customer service and dependability.  We have professionally designed fertilization and weed control services that offer the best products for your lawn applied at the right times.  We apply weed preventative products designed to keep weeds from coming up and also weed control for weeds that have already come up.  We come out about ever 5-6 weeks so that we can keep you lawn healthy and watch for any issues that would need to be stopped before they are a problem.

Common lawn services our customers enjoy include:

Why You Need Lawn Services in Colleyville TX

There are many reasons to use a lawn care service for your Colleyville landscape. These reasons include: 

Lawn products work best when they’re applied correctly. Buying or renting professional application equipment can be expensive, so you don’t want to have to do that. A professional lawn service has all the right equipment along with trained professionals who know how to use it.

As much as lawn service does for your lawn, great results still start with you following the basics: mowing and watering done right. Professional lawn technicians can help you maintain your investment with tips and tricks for when and how often to water and mow.

There are some good over-the-counter products, and you could control some of the weeds yourself. But we do have some “professional use only” products that can only be bought with a license that you do not have access to, and those products are needed to control difficult weeds.


Lawn Services Colleyville TX – Zip Code 76034


What to Look For In Lawn Care Services

Guarantee – Do they offer a guarantee that they will come back in between services if you still have weeds?  Do they charge for coming back?

How often are they coming out?  Every 4-7 weeks should be sufficient in North Texas.  If they come out more than 9 times a year, that is a little excessive unless you are asking for a golf course type lawn. If they only come out 4 times a year, you probably aren’t going to happy with your lawn either. Some companies do not tell you how many services you are buying, the paperwork says “As needed”.  Make sure you know how many services you are buying and how many trips they will be making to your home.  If you are buying 4 services, will all of these be done on the same trip?

Do they require contracts?  A good Colleyville Lawn Care service company will do whatever they need to do to keep your business, they don’t need a contract. Is there a penalty for breaking the contract early?

Why Choose Green Top Lawn Care For Lawn Services in Colleyville TX?

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • High Customer satisfaction – Check out our reviews on Yelp!
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Free Re-Application- We will come back between services if needed.
  • Guaranteed Results
  • No Contracts

Let Green Top’s lawn services take care of your Colleyville Lawn Care needs!


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