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The people of Colleyville are proud of their homes. Their yards are a big part of that, and that means having a green, flourishing lawn. Unfortunately, there are entire armies of creatures that are bent on the destruction of that turf. That’s where the Colleyville Texas Insect Control experts at Green Top Lawn Care come in. We’ll help you get pests out of your grass for good and even prevent them from setting up shop in the first place.

Insect Control Services Provided by Green Top Lawn Care

We are a full lawn care service provider in Colleyville, and that means that we handle routine Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control as well as treatments for diseases and insects. Our Colleyville lawn insect control services include one-time treatments as well as ongoing, customized treatment programs. These programs can take care of current infestations while providing continuing prevention of new pest invasions.

Why Buy Lawn Insect Control in Colleyville?

Colleyville lawns are susceptible to all of the usual suspects when it comes to North Texas pests. Infestations of hunting billbugs have become increasingly common in recent decades. They are responsible for extensive damage to grass, but it’s often misattributed to drought or disease. It’s essential to have a professional diagnose this issue to ensure proper treatment.

Another common North Texas lawn pest is the cutworm. These smooth, black-skinned caterpillars can grow to be one and a half inches long and may feed on the roots of your grass or right at the surface of the soil. Either way, they spell trouble for your lawn.

Chinch bugs are frequently found in Colleyville lawns. They can suck the sap right out of the stems of the grass. If you see oddly shaped patches of dying turf in your yard, then you may be dealing with chinch bugs. Any of these infestations requires immediate lawn insect control.

How Can You Reduce Lawn Insect Issues?

When you take care of your lawn, it’s less vulnerable to pests. This means providing the right fertilization at the appropriate time. It also means ensuring that your lawn doesn’t have a significant thatch buildup. Thatch can weaken your turf and provide a great hiding place for undesirable insects. Routine aeration similarly ensures that the roots are getting the water, nutrition and air circulation they need to thrive.

Why Choose Insect Control From Green Top Lawn Care?

Green Top is fully licensed, which gives us access to more powerful insecticides that are guaranteed to be more effective. When a fully-trained technician applies these chemicals, there’s virtually no potential harm to people, pets or the environment.

With our regularly scheduled insect control treatments, homeowners can rest assured that new infestations won’t be able to take hold.

Our technicians are always happy to offer helpful advice about mowing, watering and other cultural practices that can protect your lawn between visits.


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