Colleyville Texas Weed Control

Colleyville Texas Weed Control

Colleyville Texas Weed Control

Lawn Weeds Colleyville Texas

No one wants to see weeds coming up in their Colleyville, Texas lawn. If you’ve ever spent your weekends and evenings pulling weeds, then you know that it’s the stuff of nightmares. Plus, pulling weeds is rarely effective. Chemical control is recommended as an alternative, but this can be a risky project to do yourself. You could kill your grass, and you always take the chance of harming kids, pets and the environment. That’s why Colleyville, Texas weed control should be left to the experts at Green Top Lawn Care.

Colleyville Lawn Weed Services

Green Top Lawn Care has the knowledge and experience that are necessary to control all sorts of common weeds in Colleyville, Texas. From perennials to broadleaf and grassy weeds, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve got an effective method for controlling each of them. This may include the application of pre- and post-emergent herbicides as well as using seasonal fertilizers that feature a weed-controlling ingredient.

Spurge is a common problem in Colleyville lawns. It loves compacted soil, and if it isn’t correctly eradicated, it will come back again and again. Mallow is another troublesome weed that has an incredibly deep taproot. Do-it-yourselfers could battle it again and again, or call Green Top for assistance.

Other common Colleyville weeds: Sedge, Dallisgrass, chickweed, knotweed, dandelion, thistle, yarrow and rescue grass.

Methods of Colleyville Weed Control

Proper watering techniques are critical if you want to control weeds in your Colleyville lawn. Water too much, and you’ll end up with weeds like dichondra and sedge. However, if you water too little, you’ll risk welcoming yarrow and thistle into your yard. Green Top can help you dial in your watering practices so that your lawn gets just the right amount of hydration.

The thicker and healthier your turf is, the better your chances are of preventing weeds from taking root. Accordingly, it’s essential for your lawn to receive seasonal fertilization in just the right amount and formulation. This means that your grass will receive precisely the nutrients that it needs to thrive. As it gets thicker, you’ll see fewer weeds.

Why Green Top for Colleyville Weed Control?

Green Top is fully licensed to have access to safe but effective chemicals that can control and eradicate all species of weeds. With precisely calibrated applicators, it’s possible to use these herbicides in a completely safe manner.

Our Horticulturist or technician will design a weed control plan that will meet the unique needs of your yard. With regular visits, it’s possible to catch problems at the first sign of trouble, rather than after it has already taken root.

Green Top can also provide comprehensive advice regarding appropriate watering and mowing techniques that can leave your lawn thicker than ever.


Let Green Top take care of all your Lawn Service needs in Colleyville TX.

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