Euless TX Lawn Insect Control

Euless Texas Insect Control

Lawn Insects Invading Your Lawn?

When most homeowners think about lawn problems, they tend to focus on weeds. However, insects can be just as big a threat to your Euless Texas lawn. An infestation of chinch bugs has the ability to destroy your lawn in as a little as two weeks! When you think about it, it becomes clear that Euless Texas insect control needs to be a fundamental part of your lawn care routine.

Services We Provide

Usually, the secret to preventing pests from invading your lawn is to sign up for a professional lawn care service. Professional lawn technicians can keep your turf healthy and vigorous so that insects are less likely to be able to establish a colony. However, if you’ve already got an infestation, then it’s time to look for professional lawn insect care. We can do a one-time chinch bug eradication or perform an application that will prevent grubs from setting up shop in your yard. More comprehensive treatments like our 4 service all-around turf insect program are also available.

Do You Need Lawn Insect Control in Euless, Texas?

Any Euless Texas lawn has the potential to be affected by pests. However, the healthier your turf is, the less likely it is to be a host to chinch bugs, grubs or armyworms. Take a few minutes to examine your lawn. Do you see brown spots or areas of sparse grass? This could be a sign of a disease or that harmful insects have already made a home in your yard. Another indicator of an infestation could be the amount of wildlife you see. If skunks, raccoons and birds seem to congregate in your yard, it may be because they are finding a feast in your grass. Heavy thatch in your lawn may also be hiding an insect colony. If so, then it’s necessary to deal with the thatch and any underlying pest issues.

How Can You Reduce Lawn Insect Issues?

If you make certain that your lawn is thick and healthy, then it is less likely to host an invasion of insects. That means using good watering practices that offer just enough, and not too much, hydration. It also means mowing more frequently, but taking less off of the height of the grass each time. Proper, seasonal fertilization can also protect your yard.

Why Green Top Lawn Care Should Provide Your Insect Control

Green Top Lawn Care delivers quality insect control services without needlessly exposing people, pets and the environment to pesticides. We strive to be smart in our approach to preventing and eradicating insects to limit the potential harm that could be caused. This means focusing on good cultural practices that minimize the use of chemicals. Your technician will work with you to make your Euless Texas lawn green and healthy all year. With their insect control programs, you can have a yard that’s free of pests.


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