Lawn Services Euless TX

Lawn services Euless TX
Green Top Lawn Care – Lawn Services Euless TX.

We guarantee to meet the needs of your lawn. From fertilization to weed control to fire ant services, aeration, and grub control, we guarantee you will see results from our services. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results, we will reapply your most recent treatment at no extra charge. We will treat your lawn like it is our own.

Lawn Services We Offer:

Lawn fertilization – We offer slow release fertilizer explicitly designed for North Texas lawns.

Weed Control Treatments – We can selectively eliminate weeds without harming your lawn.

Fire Ants – Our Fire Ant lawn services help you take back your lawn and protect your family and pets. We offer both 2-3 month control and a guaranteed 1-year annual program.

Grub control — We provide both grub preventative and grub curative lawn services.

Tree and shrub services—We offer a six service program to keep your trees and shrubs free of insects and disease while fertilizing them so that they will stay healthy.

Lawn Insect Control – In addition to fire ants and grubs, many more harmful insects can damage or wipe out your entire lawn.

pH balancing — Keeping your Lawn at the proper pH will allow the soil to use nutrients and make the best use of fertilizer that is applied to it.

Why You Need Our Lawn Services

Our lawn services save you time that you can spend with your family, enjoy a hobby, travel, or relax. We supply products needed for services, keeping you from storing them on your property. Saving products can be a liability for you, and some of the products are used in such small quantities, they may be ruined by water, heat or freezing weather before you have a chance to use them. Professional lawn care services go beyond fertilization and weed control. We inspect your lawn and can identify potential problems.

What To Look For In A Great Service Company

When you employ a lawn care service company, you are buying expertise as well as the products. Make sure your company will keep you abreast of your lawn’s needs and progress. You should only hire a company that is licensed by the state of Texas, which requires training and passing tests to apply lawn care products.

Hiring a locally owned and operated lawn service company is better for your community’s economy and they can better assess your yard’s needs. Weather plays a huge part in lawn care and having people that live locally experiencing the same weather patterns is vital for lawn care decisions.

Why Green Top Lawn Care?

  • We have a professional horticulturist on staff
  • We are a licensed and insured company
  • Free re-application—we will come back between services if needed
  • We are a Euless Lawn Care Company who supports the communities we serve
  • Guaranteed Results
  • No Contracts
  • Referral program—if you recommend a neighbor who becomes a customer, you are rewarded

For lawn services in Euless Texas give us a call at 817-684-4044.

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