Euless TX Weed Control

Weeds Invading Your Lawn?

No one wants to spend their time pulling weeds. Unless you’re an expert on weed eradication, it’s a thankless task. That’s because it seems like no matter how many weeds you pull, a dozen more take their place. Hiring the Euless, Texas weed control professionals at Green Top Lawn Care is a much better solution. With their knowledge, experience and tools, they have what it takes for you to have the beautiful, weed-free lawn you’ve always wanted.

Euless Weed Control Services

No matter what kind of weeds you see in your Euless, Texas lawn, Green Top is ready to take them on. Clover is a relatively common weed in Euless, and you’ll know you’ve got it if you see tiny white flowers that seem to have bees buzzing all around them. This perennial can take over your grass if you don’t take care. Fortunately, Green Top can handle the job for you.

Poa annua is a frequently seen grassy weed in the Euless area. Also called annual bluegrass, you may not see this invasive immediately because it blends in with your lawn. Eventually, it becomes apparent because of its shallow roots, which make it die off in hot, dry weather. Poa annua may be difficult to kill, but Green Top’s technicians will take it on.

Common Euless, Texas weeds include: plaintain, dandelion, spurge, yarrow, ground ivy and foxtail.

Methods of Weed Control

Weed control in Euless depends upon several factors. Good cultural practices are a great place to start. Green Top recommends that you set the blade on your mower higher than it probably is right now. When you cut off too much height at one time on your grass, it leaves it vulnerable and exposed. Weeds have a much better opportunity to take root, and they are difficult to get rid of once they start.

Green Top also recommends using smart watering practices. This typically means watering deeply but infrequently. Similarly, Green Top’s technicians may advise you regarding planting a different species of grass to better protect your yard from weeds. With the appropriate application of pre- and post-emergent herbicides, your lawn will start to look picture perfect, and you’ll be very excited about hosting your next barbecue.

Why Choose Green Top for Euless Weed Control?

Green Top’s experienced professionals will design a year-round weed control program that’s just for your lawn. This ensures a more successful outcome.

Our technicians are so good at what they do, that they can quickly and easily identify your specific weed problem, and go to work immediately to resolve it. With access to the strongest, most effective chemicals available, you can be certain that you’ll see fewer weeds within a week or two.


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