Lawn Services Grand Prairie TX

Lawn Services Grand Prairie Lawn Services Grand Prairie[/caption]When the weather is beautiful, most people would prefer to be enjoying their yards instead of working in them. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself yard care can seem like a full-time job. That is unless you get the professionals at Green Top Lawn Care to handle the hard work for you.

Lawn Services We Provide

Green Top Lawn Care takes on everything from aeration to fertilization to insect and disease control. If you’ve got weeds, we’ve got the solution for you. You’ll also discover that brown spots or pest problems are a thing of the past. Don’t know why you have brown spots in your lawn? We will know not only what it is, but how to fix it.

Green Top Lawn Care offers professional services that include:

– Diagnosis of and treatment for brown and thinning patches
– Seasonal fertilization and weed control treatments
– Aeration
– pH balancing of your soil so that the fertilizer can be used by the soil
– Control of chinch bugs, fire ants and grubs
– Insect and disease control for trees and shrubs

Why Lawn Care Services Are Necessary

At the end of a week at work, no one wants to spend their free time performing physical labor. Luckily for homeowners, the technicians at Green Top Lawn Care genuinely enjoy their work. Not only that, but we’re extraordinarily good at what we do. No other local lawn service company is as dedicated as we are to ensuring customer satisfaction.

We’re able to do this because of our considerable knowledge regarding the local climate and the comprehensive soil testing that we perform. This lets us know precisely which nutrients your turf needs. Moreover, we’re especially good at identifying weeds and pests, and this makes us more successful when it comes to eradicating these problems. When you ask Green Top Lawn Care to manage your yard, you can rest easy knowing that their professional, knowledgeable technicians are on the job.

What to Look for in a Lawn Care Service Provider

It’s important for your Grand Prairie lawn care company to put your lawn on an appropriate treatment schedule. Typically, this means visits every four to seven weeks. Any less than that and you probably won’t see results. Any more than that and you’ll probably end up paying too much for diminishing returns. Some weeds can get out of hand in a few weeks.

We keep each of the yards we service on a reasonable schedule. Moreover, we send out the same technicians each time so that they can spot any significant changes in your turf. What really sets us apart is that we don’t make our customers sign contracts. Our clients appreciate the flexibility this affords, and they also have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re willing to come back for free if they aren’t satisfied with our services.

Why Choose Green Top Lawn Care?

-Horticulturist on staff
-Easy, online bill pay
-Locally owned and operated – Your money stays here and helps the North Texas area
-Senior discounts for Seniors over 65
-Results are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed
-Fully licensed and insured


Don’t wait for another second, let Green Top’s lawn services take care of your Grand Prairie Lawn Care needs!

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