Grand Prairie Texas Weed Control

Grand Prairie Texas Weed Control

Weed Control Grand Prairie Texas

As a property owner, the last thing you want to see in your yard is weeds. They make your home or business look unkempt even when you’ve put in hours of back-breaking labor. It’s not your fault that weeds seem to have taken up permanent residence. Most species of weeds in Grand Prairie are exceptionally hard to kill. That’s why you need the experts at Green Top Lawn Care to devise a custom strategy for fighting dandelions, clover, Poa annua grass and more. With Green Top, you’ll have the four-season defense you need for your Grand Prairie, Texas weed control.

Grand Prairie Lawn Weed Services

No matter what kind of weed you have in your Grand Prairie yard, Green Top has a tried-and-true method for eradicating it. Even Virginia buttonweed, which is notoriously difficult to kill, can be eliminated from your yard. Why is this particular weed so hard for do-it-yourselfers to kill? It’s thanks to the plant’s extensive root system, which can include rhizomes that stretch several feet below the surface of the soil. Pulling this weed doesn’t do the trick. Fortunately, Green Top Lawn Care knows how to get the job done.

Green Top can also take care of black medic. This troublesome weed loves compacted soil, but a program of aeration can soon send it packing. With good overall lawn care techniques, you’ll see fewer outbreaks of black medic.

Common Weeds in Grand Prairie Include: nutsedge, crabgrass, chickweed, yarrow, dandelions, oxalis, spurge, and tall fescue, just to name a few.

Methods of Grand Prairie Weed Control

Aerating your lawn may be just the beginning of the methods that Green Top will use to improve the health of your turf. Balancing the soil’s pH can also go a long way toward resolving these issues. Green Top’s technicians will test your soil, and then provide the nutrients it needs to promote proper growth. A thicker lawn is a great weed deterrent.

Green Top uses only the most advanced chemicals for eradicating and preventing weeds in your lawn. Slow-release granules diminish the growth capacity of weeds so you’ll start seeing improvement within just a few weeks.

Why Choose Green Top for Weed Control in Grand Prairie?

Our comprehensive approach improves the health of your turf from the roots up to the tips of the blades. Clients not only receive routine visits that help to nip problems in the bud, but also benefit from learning about proper mowing and watering techniques. Between proper fertilization on a seasonal basis, chemical control of weeds and better cultural practices, it’s possible to make any lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Trust Green Top to provide effective Grand Prairie, Texas weed control that’s safe for your family, pets and the environment.


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