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Lawn Insect Control Grapevine TX

Grapevine Texas Lawn Insect Control – You may think that keeping your lawn watered during those hot Grapevine Texas days would be all you have to worry about to have a great lawn, but you also need to watch out for lawn insects. Lawn insects like Chinch bugs can destroy your lawn in a couple of weeks. Insect problems in Grapevine lawns are often confused with disease issues. They usually have similar patterns of dead grass, so it is essential to know what you are looking for and to check, or have a professional check, your lawn on a regular basis for lawn insects. The best way to prevent damage from lawn pests is to keep grass healthy. Healthy lawns require fewer pesticide applications.

Insect Control Services We Provide In Grapevine

We offer several different options for lawn insect control. We offer one time services like chinch bug eradication, chinch bug preventative, grub preventative, grub eradication, fire ant control, and general lawn insect treatments. We have multi-service programs that are applied at optimum times to keep insects from threatening your lawn. We offer free insect monitoring when you are our Fertilization and Weed Control customer. When we come out to do your lawn service, we will check any areas that have developed a problem and determine if it is insect damage and make you aware of the problem. We will work with you to rid your lawn of insects. If you have purchased one of our insect preventative programs, we will also monitor the lawn and retreat if needed. While not directly insect control treatments, we offer other services that support insect control such as aeration and fertilization.

Why Buy Lawn Insect Control?

A bonus to treating your lawn for insects that it will significantly reduce or eliminate the insects that could come inside your home. When you create a barrier to insects outside your home and keep them from crossing the lawn, you will experience the difference inside also. Some of the problem insects in the North Texas area are Fire Ants, Chinch Bugs, Hunting Billbugs, grubs, chafers, armyworms, grasshoppers, and mites.

Billbug damage is often misidentified as drought, dormancy, disease, white grubs, or another root-feeding insect. The billbug may have at least two or three overlapping generations per year in Texas.

The Southern chinch bug is a pest of St. Augustine grass, particularly during periods of hot, dry weather as is common in July and August. When chinch bug numbers are large, and particularly during extended dry periods, severely damaged grass turns yellow and dies. Because of the uneven distribution of the insects in the grass, the damage is usually seen as irregular patches of dead or dying grass; if damage progresses the whole lawn may be lost.

Texas has several types of grubs that can ruin a lawn. Grubs will feed on the roots of your grass. Your grass will begin to turn yellow and then brown. When you examine the grass, you will be able to pull the grass up or even roll it up like carpet because it won’t have any roots. It is crucial to understand the life cycle of grubs and the beetles to be able to control them effectively.

What Can You Do To Reduce Lawn Insect Issues?

Thatch that is greater than 1/2 inch thick encourages caterpillar and chinch bug populations. Thatch also reduces insecticide efficacy because insecticides cannot penetrate to reach root-feeding insects. Prevent thatch by avoiding excess nitrogen application and avoid irrigating deeply and infrequently. For issues with mites, treatment combined with nitrogen fertilizer in spring may give both a significant reduction in injury caused by the mites and an increase in the green appearance of the grass. Treatment in fall sometimes gives a distinct reduction in the amount of mite-infested grass the following spring.

Why Use Green Top Lawn Care For Insect Control?

Green Top Lawn Care has experienced staff that can diagnose issues like turf insects. Sometimes it takes an expert to distinguish insect damage from disease.

To minimize the reliance on pesticides and reduce pest populations, your technician may recommend that you consider cultural practices like changing the varieties of your turf and/or ornamentals. Proper mowing, aeration, and watering can affect the health of the grass. Your technician will advise on the best practices for your lawn to reduce insects.

Green Top is licensed for lawn insect control. We have the proper products to use, so you don’t have to worry about having insecticides stored around your home.

Let Green Top take care of all your Grapevine Texas Lawn Service needs.

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