Grapevine Texas Weed Control

Grapevine Texas Weed Control

Lawn Weeds Grapevine Texas

Don’t spend your evenings outside in the heat pulling weeds. All that hard work, only to see them come back in a week or two. Green Top Lawn Care in Grapevine Texas will target weeds before they come up and treat with pre-emergent keeping their seeds from ever germinating in the first place. For perennial weed types that can’t be controlled head of time, our technicians will use post-emergent treatments that control weeds at the root without harming your lawn. Our program strategically combines an experienced technician, a fertilization program to thicken up your grass, and fast, effective prevention and elimination. Green Top provides a year-round solution for weed control in Grapevine.

Grapevine Lawn Weed Services

Green Top Lawn care provides weed control services for all types of weeds.

Perennial weed control for weeds such as Purple and Yellow Nutsedge.

Broadleaf weed control for common Grapevine weeds such as Clover and Henbit in the Spring and Spurge in the summer

Grassy Weed control for weeds such as Poa Anna in the Spring and Crabgrass in the Summer

Hard to Kill Weeds – Green Top Lawn Care is also able to control hard to control weeds such as Virginia Buttonweed and Violets.

Grapevine Texas Weed Control

Common Weeds in Grapevine Include:

Dandelion, Dock, Plantain, Purslane, Thistle, Black Medic, Chickweed, Clover

Methods of Weed Control

Weed control in Grapevine starts with proper environmental factors. First, plant the type of grass that will grow the best on your property. Also, proper watering is one key to weed control. Overwatering encourages weeds like dichondra and sedge, under watering encourages weeds that prefer desert conditions. Underwatering also stresses grass so that weed can come in. Proper mowing time and mowing height are also important to weed control. You must keep your lawn mowed regularly, so that weed seeds aren’t allowed to form. Environmental factors along with the chemical controls make a well-rounded weed control system year-around for your lawn.

Why Green Top Lawn Care Weed Control Services?

Green Top Lawn Care in Grapevine Texas can take care of your weed control for you. We come out on a regular schedule to treat any weeds that have come up. We use USDA approved weed control that is safe for your family and pets. We use calibrated equipment so that we are applying the correct amount of weed control on each visit. We are licensed professionals and will keep you informed of any issues we find in your lawn.

Let Green Top’s Weed Control Services take care of all your Lawn Services in Grapevine TX.

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