Haslet Texas Weed Control

Haslet Texas Weed Control

Haslet Texas Weed Control

Weeds don’t belong in your Haslet, Texas lawn. These invaders steal nutrients from your grass while also spoiling the view. With their tendency to have a different growth rate and color when compared to your turf, it’s easy to see why so many property owners consider weeds an eyesore. Fortunately, Green Top Lawn Care technicians are available to address your Haslet weed control needs.

Haslet Weed Control Services

From broadleaf weeds to grassy weeds and everything in between, our technicians have seen it all. Their experience helps them identify which weeds are spoiling your lawn so that they can propose the right treatment strategy. With ongoing care, weeds will become an exception rather than the rule.

Weeds like dandelions are common in Haslet, yet most people don’t succeed when they try to eradicate them on their own. That’s because dandelions have an incredibly long taproot that stretches several feet below the surface of the soil. This ensures their survival no matter how many times you pull them. Luckily for the people of Haslet, Green Top has reliable solutions for dandelions.

People in Haslet often see thistle in their lawns too. This prickly invader is bad news for bare feet, and it can be frustratingly hard to kill. The weed control professionals at Green Top Lawn Care know just what to do so that you won’t be bothered by thistles again.

Other Common Haslet, Texas Weeds: clover, plaintain, henbit, barnyardgrass and annual bluegrass, dallis grass, yellow sedge, chickweed, henbit, dandelions, and oxalis.

Methods of Weed Control

Property owners unwittingly invite weeds when they don’t take good care of their lawn. Neglected grass doesn’t get the nutrients it needs. It may be too dry or too wet. Perhaps the soil in which the turf grows is excessively compacted. Or, maybe there is a thick layer of thatch or a number of bare, thinning spots.

Successful weed control in Haslet begins with good lawn maintenance practices. Green Top’s technicians can design a lawn care strategy that ensures your lawn gets exactly the nutrients it needs. What’s more, our technicians know all there is to know about proper mowing, watering and aeration so they get the best results. These efforts, when combined with the judicious application of herbicides, can make your grass weed free.

Why Green Top Lawn Care for Haslet Weed Control?

Our technicians are fully trained to be able to recognize the most common weeds in Haslet. This means that they can quickly devise an action plan for killing weeds and preventing new seeds from sprouting.

Green Top believes in caring for your lawn in every season. The use of pre- and post-emergent herbicides that can only be obtained by licensed technicians means that our year-round weed control services are second-to-none.


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