Hurst Texas Insect Control

Hurst Texas Insect Control

Hurst Texas Insect Control

If you’re looking for Hurst Texas Insect Control for your lawn, you’ve come to the right place. At Green Top Lawn Care, we like to protect your turf from every angle, and that includes making it impossible for pests to take over your yard. If you think you may have an insect problem in your North Texas lawn, then it’s time to talk to Green Top.

Services Provided By Green Top Lawn Care

Most people know that we provide outstanding lawn maintenance services to Hurst and the surrounding communities. They even know that we’re the people to talk to when your grass gets a damaging disease. However, not as many people know that we also provide comprehensive insect control for Hurst, Texas lawns. Whether you’re bothered by armyworms, chinch bugs, hunting billbugs or something else entirely, we’re prepared to handle it with a one-time treatment or an ongoing program of prevention and eradication.

Why Buy Hurst Lawn Insect Control?

Your yard is a natural space, and having a few bugs is inevitable. Some of those insects are even beneficial. That’s not the case with others. They approach your lawn like it’s prey and they are the predator. If you have St. Augustine grass, then your turf is susceptible to chinch bugs. They love hot, dry weather, and they can utterly destroy a lawn when it’s at its most vulnerable.

Grubs are another serious infestation. They feed directly on the roots of your grass, killing it from the ground up. When the damage is really severe, you can roll the turf back like a carpet. You definitely need lawn insect control sooner rather than later.

What Can You Do To Fight Lawn Insects?

A lawn that’s not getting proper hydration is definitely more vulnerable to insects. Stick to a watering program that’s appropriate for your species of grass and the season. If you need help determining how often and how much to water, just ask the experts at Green Top Lawn Care.

You can also protect your lawn by using good mowing techniques. Focus on removing no more than one-third of the height each time you mow. This may mean mowing more often, but your lawn will be much heartier.

Why Use Green Top Lawn Care for Insect Control?

At Green Top Lawn Care, we like to take a customized approach with each customer. That means we’ll design an insect control program that’s custom made for your yard. You’ll see better results and fewer pests.

We also provide year-round monitoring of insect issues. Whether it’s the height of summer or the depths of winter, we’ll be on the lookout for pests who are looking to move in.

Sign up for the multi-service preventative program, and we’ll be able to stop harmful insects in their tracks before they even get to your turf.

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