Hurst Texas Weed Control

Hurst Texas Weed Control

Weeds have no business showing up in your Hurst, Texas lawn. However, that doesn’t stop them from putting in an appearance. If left untreated, they can quickly start to take over. This means that your lawn must fight for nutrients with aggressive invaders that are determined to take out the competition. Turf can start to weaken and decline, leaving you with a sad-looking patch of land. That’s why you need Green Top Lawn Care to handle weed control in your Hurst, Texas lawn. The weed-eradication experts at Green Top Lawn Care have the knowledge and experience that are necessary for getting rid of troublesome invaders.

Hurst Weed Control Services

Green Top Lawn Care‘s technicians are accustomed to running into all sorts of common Hurst, Texas weeds. That includes purslane, a succulent herb that resembles a jade plant in miniature. Some landscaping experts have labeled it a zombie thanks to its remarkable ability to survive. However, even this crafty weed is no match for Green Top Lawn Care‘s advanced weed-control methods.

Another common weed in Hurst is the knotweed. This invasive loves hard, compact soil. That’s why proper aeration is so critical for growing a healthy lawn that is capable of resisting the onslaught of weeds. Good fertilization practices will also go a long way toward making your turf tough enough to prevent knotweed from putting down roots.

Other Common Weeds in Hurst: dandelions, yarrow, bromegrass, ground ivy and dock

Methods of Hurst Weed Control

Weed control begins with methods of eradication and prevention. Eradication takes care of the weeds that have already invaded your turf while prevention is aimed at stopping new infestations before they occur. Typically, this involves the use of pre- and post-emergent herbicides. These safe yet powerful chemicals not only kill the weeds that are already wreaking havoc in your yard but also prevent new weed seeds from germinating. The result is healthy, thriving turf.

Weed control methods are augmented with good cultural practices like dethatching, aerating, fertilization and proper mowing techniques. Green Top Lawn Care can assist property owners with all of these efforts to ensure that weeds will be sent packing.

Why Green Top Lawn Care for Hurst, Texas Weed Control?

Thanks to the unmatched knowledge of Green Top Lawn Care‘s technicians, our clients receive effective weed control that is completely safe for pets and people. With carefully calibrated equipment and the application of strong chemicals that are only available to licensed companies, we can take care of even the most stubborn weed problems.

Let Green Top Lawn Care take care of all your Lawn Service needs in Hurst TX.

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