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Transform your Keller property with professional lawn care from Green Top Lawn Care. Our team of experts has over 13 years of experience in the industry, offering exceptional lawn care services to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.

A well-maintained lawn is essential for your property’s visual appeal and value. At Green Top Lawn Care, we understand the importance of fertilization, weed control, and insect management in maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. Our fertilization service provides crucial nutrients to your grass, while our weed control eliminates unwanted weeds, leaving your lawn neat and attractive.

We are dedicated to providing quality services and customer satisfaction, which is why we are the go-to choice for lawn care services in Keller, Texas. Let us help you attain the lawn you have always desired. Explore our range of lawn care services for more information.

Expert Fertilization for Your Keller Lawn

Improve the health and aesthetics of your Keller property with expert fertilization from Green Top Lawn Care. Fertilization is key to keeping your Keller, Texas lawn healthy and beautiful. Supplying necessary nutrients to the soil promotes grass growth and keeps it lush and lively. Without proper fertilization, the soil can become depleted, leading to weak and thin grass that’s more susceptible to diseases and pests.

Green Top Lawn Care, a professional lawn care company, offers different types of fertilizers, including slow-release and fast-release fertilizers. Our experts will determine the best fertilizer for your lawn based on factors such as the type of grass, soil condition, and local climate in Keller, Texas. We also know the ideal fertilization time, considering temperature and other important factors.

Moreover, we manage the frequency of fertilization, the amount to use, and the proper application method for optimal results. Regular fertilization leads to healthy root growth, enhances the appearance of your lawn, and increases its resistance to diseases and pests.

Invest in professional fertilization services from Green Top Lawn Care for a healthier, more beautiful property in Keller, Texas. Trust us to deliver outstanding fertilization services for a thriving lawn.

Expert Weed Control for a Healthy Lawn in Keller, TX

Protect your Keller, TX, lawn from weeds with Green Top Lawn Care. Preventing weed growth is vital for preserving a healthy lawn in Keller, Texas. Weeds can quickly take over, depriving grass of essential resources like light, water, and nutrients, leading to a weak, thin, and susceptible lawn. To stop weed growth, pre-emergent weed control is used by applying herbicides to the soil before the weed seeds sprout.

At Green Top Lawn Care, we use products that target specific types of weeds and time the application correctly to prevent weed growth and improve the overall health and appearance of the lawn.

As a professional lawn care company, we prioritize effective weed control but also the safety of the environment and those who come into contact with the lawn. That’s why we follow all instructions and safety precautions when using herbicides. With our help, you can achieve a weed-free lawn and maintain a beautiful, lush green landscape in Keller, Texas. Contact us today to take care of your lawn.

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Weeds That Could Be Plaguing Your Lawn

Fight weeds with Green Top Lawn Care’s post-emergent herbicides. Don’t wait until weeds have taken over your lawn – act now with Green Top Lawn Care’s effective weed control solution. Our post-emergent herbicides target weeds directly, destroying them from the roots without harming your lawn.

At Green Top Lawn Care, we offer more than just weed control. We provide comprehensive lawn care services, including fertilization, aeration, disease control, and more, to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Trust the experts at Green Top Lawn Care to transform your lawn into a lush, weed-free yard.

Lawn Aeration Services in Keller for a Thriving Lawn

Revive your lawn with Green Top Lawn Care’s Lawn aeration services in Keller, TX. The hot and dry climate of Keller and heavy foot traffic can cause soil compaction and weaken your lawn. Green Top Lawn Care offers a solution – lawn aeration. By piercing the soil, aeration allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots, resulting in improved root growth, better water absorption, and reduced soil compaction.

Lawn aeration also helps control thatch buildup, keeping your lawn healthy and strong. We recommend aerating your lawn once or twice a year, depending on your yard’s grass and soil type. Keep your lawn thriving with Green Top Lawn Care’s professional lawn aeration services, serving Keller and the surrounding areas. Book now for a greener, healthier lawn.

Protect Your Keller Lawn from Harmful Insects

Protect your Keller lawn from pests with professional Help. Residents of Keller, TX, face the threat of lawn-damaging insects such as armyworms, grubs, chinch bugs, and fire ants. These pests can cause rapid harm to your lawn, and fire ants can even be a danger to your family. To effectively combat fire ant infestations, reach out to Green Top Lawn Care for professional assistance. Our team is experienced in treating fire ant issues and can implement the right preventative measures to protect your lawn. Regular watering, fertilizing, and mowing are also key to keeping your lawn healthy. Don’t wait. Call Green Top Lawn Care today to protect your Keller lawn from pests.

Safeguard Your Keller Lawn from Harmful Diseases

Effective combat against lawn diseases requires following a comprehensive Keller lawn care program. Otherwise, your lawn is vulnerable to diseases such as Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust, and other diseases.

Lawn diseases can occur due to over-watering, poor lawn care practices, unfavorable weather, soil pH imbalances, and the use of contaminated equipment. Proper maintenance can help reduce the risk.

If you suspect disease, seek help from a professional Keller lawn care company like Green Top Lawn Care for a customized treatment plan.


How do I take good care of my lawn in Keller, TX?

  1. Proper Mowing: Regular and correct mowing is essential. This involves adjusting your mower’s height according to the season and ensuring your mower blades are sharp for a clean cut.
  2. Proper Watering: Lawns typically require about an inch of water per week. Early morning watering is best as it helps prevent evaporation and diseases caused by excessive moisture at night.
  3. Lawn Fertilization: Applying the right type and amount of fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive. It’s crucial to know the appropriate times to fertilize in Keller, TX, for the best results.
  4. Weed Control: Regular and targeted weed control methods can help keep pesky weeds at bay. This includes both pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent weed control.
  5. Lawn Aeration: This process involves making small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. It helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

What first treatment should I apply to my lawn in Keller, TX?

The first treatment to apply to your lawn in Keller, TX, can depend on a variety of factors, including the time of year, current temperature, and type of grass you have. Each lawn is unique, and its care should be tailored to its specific needs.

At Green Top Lawn Care, we believe in a personalized approach to lawn care. We’d assess your lawn, considering all these variables, to ensure we come up with the best plan for your grass. From lawn aeration to fertilization and weed control, we have a range of services that can be adapted to your lawn’s requirements.

Can I get a free quote for lawn care services in Keller, TX?

Absolutely! We can easily give you an over-the-phone estimate for our Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services. It’s a super quick process and should take no more than two minutes of your time.

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Transform your lawn’s health and appearance with Green Top Lawn Care’s professional services. Our Keller experts specialize in fertilization, weed control, aeration, and insect management to address all your lawn care Keller TX requirements. Contact us today at 817-684-4044 and get started today!

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