Keller Texas Lawn Insect Control

Keller Texas Lawn Insect Control

Keller Texas Lawn Insect Control – Watering the lawn and controlling weeds are the top concerns for most property owners when it comes to their grass. However, a pest infestation can be just as damaging as forgetting to water your turf or letting weeds run rampant. A troublesome insect like the chinch bug is capable of destroying a lawn in only two weeks, which makes it critical to act fast when you suspect an insect infestation. Contact Green Top Lawn Care for lawn pest control services in Keller.

Chinch bugs can be such a horrible threat to your lawn (especially Saint Augustine grass) we put together a few quick tips for avoiding Chinch bugs in you your lawn. You can read more about it here:

Tips for Avoiding Chinch Bugs

Lawn Insect Control Services We Provide In Keller TX

Keller Texas Lawn Insect ControlGreen Top Lawn Care‘s technicians are experts when it comes to controlling common lawn insects in Keller. This includes the nasty chinch bug as well as fire ants and grubs. We offer both preventative and eradication treatments so that your lawn is always protected. When you become a customer of our Fertilization and Weed program, you’ll automatically receive routine inspections for pests. This means that we’ll be able to take care of an insect problem before it really has a chance to get started. Of course, we also provide our lawn insect control services to anyone who requests them.

Is Lawn Insect Control Necessary in Keller Texas?

Keller Texas Lawn Insect Control – Common pests like the chinch bug can cause enormous damage to your turf in a few days or weeks. That can be particularly frustrating when you’ve spent time and effort to foster a green, healthy lawn. The reality is that it doesn’t make a great deal of sense to provide your turf with the water and nutrients it needs while ignoring the fact that insects can so easily destroy all of your hard work. Some of the most common insect culprits in Texas lawns include chinch bugs, grubs and armyworms.

Chinch bugs love the hot, dry weather of the summer. This is when they are especially active and most likely to kill your lawn. Various species of grub, most of which are beetle larvae, can wreak havoc on healthy turf. They usually feed on the root system, destroying your lawn from below. Then there’s the armyworm with its voracious appetite and impressive numbers.

What Can You Do To Reduce Lawn Insect Issues?

Keller Texas Lawn Insect Control – Lawns that get the right fertilization are thicker and healthier, which means that they are better able to resist the onslaught of pests. Similarly, it is vital to follow smart hydration practices, as certain pests may thrive in damp conditions while others love a dry landscape. Keeping thatch to a minimum and providing seasonal aeration also may be key to stopping bugs from moving in.

Why Use Green Top Lawn Care for Insect Control?

Keller Texas Lawn Insect ControlGreen Top Lawn Care‘s technicians are all highly trained. Plus, state licensing ensures access to some of the most effective yet safe insecticides around. We’ll consult with our on-staff horticulturist to make certain that your turf gets the care it deserves while also providing advice on watering, mowing and other maintenance practices.

Let Green Top Lawn Care take care of all your Keller Texas Lawn Service needs.

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