Keller Texas Weed Control 

Keller Texas Weed Control

Keller Texas Weed Control

What do you do when you find weeds in your Keller, Texas lawn? Many people think the best approach is to pull those weeds. This can make your lawn look better for a while, but it’s not long before those weeds are back. The reality is that most weeds in Keller have exceptionally long, complex root systems that make pulling weeds futile. Chemical control is typically more effective, but the products that are available to the public aren’t particularly powerful, or they may destroy your turf. Fortunately, Green Top Lawn Care provides a more sensible and effective approach to Keller weed control.

Keller, Texas Weed Control Services

Whether you’re seeing broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds or something else in your grass, Green Top Lawn Care knows how to deal with the situation. Even an aggressive seeder like mallow can be tamed with the right program of herbicides and consistent cultural practices.

Nutsedge is also notoriously difficult to kill or even control. Its ability to reproduce via underground tubers, seeds and rhizomes can drive even the most dedicated do-it-yourselfer to the point of pulling out their hair. A multi-pronged approach that includes aeration, herbicides and proper watering practices is required if you’re to have any hope of overcoming nutsedges in Keller. Fortunately, Green Top Lawn Care stands ready to help you.

Other Common Keller, Texas Weeds: annual bluegrass, henbit, oxalis, thistle and rescue grass

Methods of Weed Control in Keller

When your soil is compacted, it can invite certain species of weeds. That’s why occasional aeration is so critical to having a healthy lawn. Similarly, it’s necessary to limit the amount of thatch buildup on your turf so that the root system gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Green Top encourages good cultural practices for weed control in Keller. What’s more, they take the time to educate their clients about proper mowing height and frequency for their grass as well as how often and how much to water their lawn. When combined with pre- and post-emergent herbicides and fertilizer, these techniques are enough to get rid of weeds and keep them out for good.

Why Green Top Lawn Care Weed Control in Keller?

Green Top’s licensed, fully trained technicians are dedicated to delivering results to their customers. That starts with testing your soil’s pH to see precisely what kind of nutrients it needs. It also extends to identifying the weed species in your lawn so that proper eradication methods are used. This means that our technicians will use the right products in the correct amounts to address your turf’s specific needs.

With application by licensed professionals and a custom-designed weed control program, your grass can be transformed by Green Top Lawn Care.

Let Green Top take care of all your Lawn Service needs in Keller TX.

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