Lawn Aeration in North Texas

Apr 4, 2016 | Lawn Aeration Tips

Lawn Aeration in North Texas

Lawn Aeration North TexasLawn Aeration North Texas

Why do lawn aeration in North Texas?

The number one reason for aerating anywhere is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils have too many solid particles held together, which prevents proper circulation of air, water and nutrients. Excess lawn thatch or heavy organic debris buried under the grass surface can also starve the roots from these essential elements. Lawn aeration will help with both of these issues. Lawn Aeration is suggested annually in most cases depending on your grass type and soil type. This is especially true if your lawn is heavily used, such as having children or dogs running around on it. Walking on your lawn should feel somewhat soft, not the same as walking on the concrete. If you have bare places that just won’t fill in, you may have a compaction issue. Check your grass runners and if they are laying on top of the soil and not penetrating, this may be a compaction issue.

Does your lawn have a lot of thatch build up?

Thatch over one-half inch deep is a sign you need aeration. Newly constructed homes often have compacted soil due to the building process so it is always a good to have your lawn aerated each year for a few years after you move in.

When to Aerate Your Lawn in North Texas

The best time for aeration is during the growing season, when the grass can heal and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed. Ideally, aerate the lawn with warm season such as Bermuda and St. Augustine grass in the early –mid summer.

Core Aeration is Better Than Poking Holes

For the best results, we use a core aeration machine that actually removes plugs of soil. Just poking holes is less effective and can actually cause additional compaction in the areas around the holes. We remove soil plugs approximately 2 — 3 inches deep and half inch in diameter. They will be pulled out about 2 — 3 inches apart. Schedule your lawn aeration today. We will let you know when we will be out to do your service. Before we do your aeration, we will drop off some flags for you to use to put out to mark your sprinkler heads. We will avoid getting close to common places for sprinkler heads like along sidewalks and driveways. If you have any soaker hoses installed, for example along the grass strip between the sidewalk and the street, then be sure to let us know. Also, please let us know if you have anything else buried in your lawn such as an electric dog fence.Lawn Aeration

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