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Why Use a Professional Lawn Service Instead of Doing It Myself? We know you homeowners love a lush, green lawn, but don’t always possess the knowledge and time that are required to achieve that kind […]

Nutsedge, often encountered by professional lawn care service providers like Green Top Lawn Care, is an invasive weed closely resembling grass. It’s known for its rapid growth and resilience, making it a common challenge in lawn maintenance and care.

Nutsedge is hard to control due to its rapid growth, deep-rooted tubers (nutlets), and resistance to many common weed-control products. However, effective control methods do exist for eliminating Nutsedge in your lawn.

To control nutsedge in your lawn, maintain healthy grass and use a well-balanced fertilizer regularly. If the problem persists, consider a professional lawn care service for effective treatment of nutsedge.

Lawn Weeds Are Never A Good Thing! There isn’t a homeowner who hasn’t looked with envy at the lush, green, weed-free lawn on a golf course and thought, “If only my grass looked like that!” […]

Yes, laying sod in the fall is possible and can be beneficial. It allows the grass to establish its roots during cooler months, preparing it for growth in spring. With consistent care, your newly sodded yard can transform into a lush, green lawn when spring arrives.

How to Maintain New Sod – So you notice bare spots in your lawn, and you know you must do something. Watering and fertilizer won’t solve the problem. The grass is dead. You know you […]

Protect Your Landscape from Mosquitoes North Texas has had near record rainfall the last few months, and that means, even more than usual, mosquitoes will be a problem through the summer. And in addition to […]

Tick Diseases in North Texas–What You Need to Know Texas features numerous hiking trails, opportunities for camping and parks for families to enjoy. But along with this fun and educational times comes the likelihood that […]

Can I Kill Goosegrass? Goosegrass is a particularly troubling weed for Texas residents. Sometimes called wiregrass, goosegrass may be either an annual or a perennial depending on where you live. It develops seeds quickly, and […]

Got Switched Yet? In recent lawn care news, the second and fourth largest fertilization and weed control companies in the United States, TruGreen and Scotts Lawn Service, have merged. There hasn’t been a lot about […]

Photinia Shrubs and Entomosporium Disease Photinia, also call Red tip photinia, Photinia x fraseri and other Photinia species along with Indian hawthorn are commonly damaged by Entomosporium disease, a common fungal leaf spot. There have […]

What to Do About Dry Hot Spots in Lawns One of the most common problems that lawn maintenance professionals are confronted with is what to do about dry spots in lawns, light colored, dry, brown patches.  […]

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