Scott’s Customers Being Switched To TruGreen

May 9, 2016 | Lawn FAQ, Lawn Maintenance Tips

Scott's Customers Being Switched To TruGreen

Got Switched Yet?

In recent lawn care news, the second and fourth largest fertilization and weed control companies in the United States, TruGreen and Scotts Lawn Service, have merged. There hasn’t been a lot about the merger in the general news and customers may not realize that Trugreen and Scotts are now the same company.  Trugreen will gain 500,000 customers that were Scott’s customers and they will now have a combined revenue of $1.3 billion dollars from 2.3 million customers.  TruGreen is headquartered in Memphis TN.  This is definitely not your locally owned and operated company.

What It Means for Local Lawn Care Companies

At Green Top Lawn Care, we are expecting what other local providers are expecting, our phones to start ringing with customers who aren’t happy about the shake-up with their lawn care provider. People switched from one company to another when they were dissatisfied, but now they are the same company and many customers will be back where they started from. With homeowners wanting to support their local economy and do business with local owners they can have a relationship with, this merger should help our North Texas business.  To help customers get through the transition of being switched, we are offering a special deal.  We will beat their price by 10% and also give you $100 when you have had a year of service, which is 8 services.  This Switch, Save, and Earn campaign should ease the hassle of changing companies. If you are going to switch lawn care companies, you should be the one making the choice and save money at the same time.

What It Means for You

If you are a current customer of Scott’s, you will probably see the biggest difference in service and possibly customer service.  Scotts did some granular fertilization in the summer treatments and used Scott’s blend fertilizers.  With TruGreen mostly using liquid fertilizer, this might mean a change for Scotts customers.  Many customers will end up with a new lawn technician.   Scott’s had over 100 franchise locations that were locally owned by franchisees that are now put out of business, so their employees no longer have the job relationship they did have.  Some offices will merge, and some won’t so customers will have to wait and see who will be out to treat their lawn this summer.  TruGreen is well known for call center telemarketing; Scott’s customers may start receiving more phone calls than they are used to

What Are My Options?

We don’t know what changes are in store for the customers of this newly merged company, but we do know that Green Top Lawn Care is only changing for the better and staying dependable the same way we have been for years.  We are highly rated on all review sites for customer service and customer satisfaction.  We have added a Professional Horticulturist with a Master’s degree to oversee your turf program and make sure we are doing the right things for your lawn.  Our Switch, Save, and Earn program will save you money, and you will be doing business with a local company supporting the local economy.  Give us a call at 817-684-4044 and ask about the Switch, Save, and Earn program.

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