Lawn Insect Control Tips

Quick Tip #13: What are those Mounds in My Lawn? What are those mounds in my lawn? They could be several things. Usually they are from ants or worms. If it looks like soil in […]

  Grubs – What you need To Know Grubs are a common problem in Texas lawns. Many homeowners don’t know what’s causing their lawn issues when they begin to see brown, wilting patches. They’ve tested […]

Chinch Bugs Love St. Augustine Grass Chinch Bugs – Wherever St. Augustine grass grows in Texas; it is susceptible to Chinch Bugs. They are a significant concern for homeowners in Southlake, Euless and beyond. If […]

Dealing With Fleas In Your Lawn? Most of the time, we associate fleas with our pets. This makes sense since fleas need blood to survive. But where do pets pick up the fleas? That’s right; […]

Protect Your Landscape from Mosquitoes North Texas has had near record rainfall the last few months, and that means, even more than usual, mosquitoes will be a problem through the summer. And in addition to […]

Seven Worst Lawn Problems in North Texas – Part 2 This is a continuation of the article at Seven Worst Lawn Problems in North Texas Chinch Bugs Circular brown patches in the midst of your […]

White Grubs: A Common Lawn Infestation When a homeowner sees brown patches in what was once a lush green lawn, it’s natural to conclude that the problem is inadequate hydration. Over the next couple of […]

Chinch Bugs Damage Lawns If you have St. Augustine grass, then you probably love its lush, green look but you also know about Chinch bugs. Unfortunately, this type of lawn is susceptible to chinch bugs, […]

Armyworms – Keep Up A Good Defense If you have Bermuda grass, then there’s a possibility that those brown patches in your turf come from the work of armyworms. Bermuda grass may be susceptible to […]

Southern Mole Cricket May Be Tunneling Your Way Southern mole crickets have long been the bane of maintenance professionals at Texas golf courses. However, it’s not just golf courses that are susceptible to these invaders. […]

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