How to Prevent Armyworms From Invading Your Lawn

May 10, 2016 | Lawn Insect Control Tips

Armyworms – Keep Up A Good Defense

If you have Bermuda grass, then there’s a possibility that those brown patches in your turf come from the work of armyworms. Bermuda grass may be susceptible to these invaders but can also become a problem in other lawns. Call us if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and believe you have armyworms in your lawn. We’ll treat the problem efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your lawn is the nicest in the neighborhood.

A well-maintained lawn is visually appealing and plays a crucial role in limiting the damage caused by unwanted pests like armyworms. You can strengthen your lawn’s overall health and resilience by implementing a proper Fertilization and Weed Control program.

Healthy grass with strong roots can recover more quickly from pest damage and is less susceptible to infestations. Additionally, by controlling weeds, you eliminate potential hiding spots for pests, further reducing the likelihood of an armyworm invasion.

Investing in a comprehensive lawn care program, including Fertilization and Weed Control, can help safeguard your lawn against the devastating effects of unwanted pests such as armyworms.

Armyworms – Lifecycle and Identification

Armyworms are the larval stage of moths. They are tan or light green in the early months of their development. By the time they reach their full size, between one-and-a-half and two inches, the armyworms are darker green or brown. Equipped with voracious appetites, these caterpillars are capable of consuming large amounts of your lawn, turning what was once a lush green space into a brown wasteland. Just as annoying, these troublemakers may attack your vegetable garden, making it imperative to get rid of them.

The evidence of an infestation frequently begins on the edge of the lawn. After being consumed, the grass blades will appear ragged. If the infestation is particularly large and voracious, then the blades may be eaten all the way to the ground. In these cases, the entire lawn can be consumed within several days to a few weeks. A cool, wet spring is often the catalyst for bringing on summer with lots of armyworms. They are believed to hitch a ride into areas during large weather events like Tropical storms. They are usually active at night, resting during the day under garden or lawn debris. It’s not unusual for moths to be able to produce three generations in a single season, which means that your lawn could be under continuous attack for months.

Armyworms – Control

Often, birds and insects are able to keep the population of armyworms under control. However, when these predators are few in number or when there is a particularly large outbreak, they may not be able to do enough to deal with the problem. That’s when it’s important to call in lawn care maintenance experts.

If you’re worried that armyworms have invaded your lawn, give us a call about our Insect Control Program. We help homeowners and businesses get rid of these pests in efficient and reliable ways. Best of all, we rely on green practices that are safe to be used around people and pets.

Don’t let armyworms get the edge. We can help you control them with our Insect Control Program. If you see them, we can spray them before your lawn is ruined. A regular insect program can help keep them out of your lawn when they invade your area.

Get Expert Help to manage Armyworms in your lawn

Don’t let armyworms ruin your beautiful lawn. Trust the Green Top Lawn Care experts to eliminate these pests and effectively maintain your lawn’s health. Call us today at 817-684-4044 to start protecting your lawn with our Insect Control Program. Your lawn deserves the best care, and we’re here to help!

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