Lawn Maintenance Tips

Quick Tip #11: Prepping for Sod

Quick Tip #11: Prepping for Sod To lay down new squares of sod, prepare the area by removing sticks, rocks leaves and other things that would hinder the new sod from rooting. If the soil […]

Advantages to Having a Sprinkler System

Many homeowners in north Texas contemplate installing a water sprinkling system. You might be putting it off due to cost; and not necessarily the price of the system, but more the return on investment for […]

Lawn Watering Tips for North Texas

Lawn Watering Tips for North Texas “How much should I water?” “How often should I water?” “Does my type of grass need more water than my neighbor’s?” All of those are excellent lawn care questions. […]

Lawn Fertilizer in North Texas Your lawn needs to be fertilized to keep it healthy. We hope you are signed up for our fertilization and weed control program to make sure your lawn is getting […]

How to Maintain New Sod – So you notice bare spots in your lawn, and you know you must do something. Watering and fertilizer won’t solve the problem. The grass is dead. You know you […]

Colorful Annual Flowers for North Texas Landscape A beautiful landscape adds more than just attractiveness to a yard. These colorful annual flowers can also welcome helpful animals and insects that help create a healthier yard. The […]

If you currently are not enjoying the benefits of mulching, you probably should be.  There are many benefits of mulching our flowerbeds, around trees, and other landscape areas, the primary reason that comes to mind […]

Common Bermuda Grass in North Texas ID and Care If you’ve lived in Texas or other southeastern states for any amount of time, then you’ve probably heard someone extolling the virtues of common Bermuda grass. […]

Seven Worst Lawn Problems in North Texas – Part 2 This is a continuation of the article at Seven Worst Lawn Problems in North Texas Chinch Bugs Circular brown patches in the midst of your […]

Seven Worst Lawn Problems in North Texas – Part 1 Throughout north Texas, homeowners’ lawns take a beating. The sources range from weather extremes and over or under watering to using improper fertilizer and the […]

Fescue Control in Bermuda and St. Augustine Lawns When you think of the perfect lawn, what does it look like? Chances are good that it is green and lush, with a smooth, uninterrupted surface. That […]

3 Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn A green lawn is a joy to behold, not only for the homeowner, but also for the neighbors. A lush, healthy lawn provides a warm welcome to visitors and […]

Is Thatch Buildup Hurting Your lawn? Whether homeowners in Euless and Colleyville realize it or not, thatch buildup is probably having a detrimental effect on their lawns. This problem is more than just old grass […]

Got Switched Yet? In recent lawn care news, the second and fourth largest fertilization and weed control companies in the United States, TruGreen and Scotts Lawn Service, have merged. There hasn’t been a lot about […]

pH testing in Bedford TX Many homeowners understand that fertilizer should be beneficial to their lawn. However, they apply fertilizer season after season without seeing many alterations in the quality of their turf. It’s frustrating […]

When you ask someone about lawn mowing in North Texas you might get a lot of different answers. The reason would be that each person may have different turf grass. People in North Texas may […]

Light on Texas Turfgrass Most people know that turfgrass needs certain things to be healthy. Does your Texas turfgrass get enough light? Light from the sun, water and nutrients are all essential. However, few people […]

What to Do About Dry Hot Spots in Lawns One of the most common problems that lawn maintenance professionals are confronted with is what to do about dry spots in lawns, light colored, dry, brown patches.  […]

Why Use a Professional Lawn Service Instead of Doing It Myself? We know you homeowners love a lush, green lawn, but don’t always possess the knowledge and time that are required to achieve that kind […]

Using Pre-Emergent For Weed Prevention Are weeds waging a battle in your lawn? Using pre-emergent for weed prevention at the right time and in the correct manner can help. By properly applying a quality pre-emergent […]

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