3 Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn

May 24, 2016 | Lawn Maintenance Tips

3 Benefits of Fertilizing your lawn 3 Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn A green lawn is a joy to behold, not only for the homeowner, but also for the neighbors. A lush, healthy lawn provides a warm welcome to visitors and is much easier to enjoy than a lawn that is filled with brown patches and weeds. Plus, that beautiful grass can also be an important factor if you’re hoping to sell your house. Clearly, there are many reasons to take care of your turf.  One of the most important components of lawn maintenance in the DFW area and elsewhere is fertilization. North Texas homeowners don’t always realize how vital fertilizer is for the health of their grass. They think that if the lawn gets adequate water and plenty of sun, it shouldn’t need anything else. What they don’t realize is that a patch of grass is like any other living organism. It needs to be fed with proper nutrients in order to not just survive, but also thrive. Here are three major benefits of fertilizing your turf.

3 Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn

1. Fertilization Saves Time and Money – When the right fertilization is applied at the proper season and in the correct amount to your North Texas lawn, it keeps the grass healthy and thriving. This means you may never find yourself dealing with a major problem, like a weed or pest infestation. Problems like dandelions can result in the need for massive corrective measures or the replacement of a portion of your turf. Simply put, the prudent and regular application of fertilizer to your  lawn can save a number of problems down the road. 2. Thicker Grass – The heavier and denser your turf is, the less room there is for weeds to take root. A well fertilized lawn has a hearty root system that is capable of choking out weeds before they can get a grip. That means less hard work for you and a more beautiful yard. 3. Reduced Mud – If you deal with muddy turf, then you know how troubling it is. When your grass is supersaturated after a heavy rainfall, there’s no way for you and your family to get out there and enjoy your yard. Those big mud puddles really put a damper on your ability to be outdoors. However, when your Texas lawn receives the kind of fertilization it needs, mud puddles can quickly become a thing of the past. That’s because your root system is flourishing and able to more effectively absorb all that water. Whether you live in Euless or Southlake, your lawn’s health and vitality can be improved with proper fertilization. The best way to make certain that the job is done correctly is to have it taken care of by professionals. We’ll handle the seasonal application of lawn fertilizer for your Texas home so that you can relax in the knowledge that your grass is likely to be the greenest and healthiest in the neighborhood.

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