Advantages to Having a Sprinkler System

Aug 11, 2016 | Lawn Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners in north Texas contemplate installing a water sprinkling system. You might be putting it off due to cost; and not necessarily the price of the system, but more the return on investment for such an expense. If you’ve ever considered this move, you’ve had to ask yourself, “What are the advantages of installing a lawn sprinkling system in my yard?”

It turns out there are several reasons to having a sprinkler system, especially in North Texas where the summers are full of 100 degree days and frequent droughts. Hydrozoning Your Sprinkler System First is what’s called hydrozoning. Landscape beds and your lawn have different watering needs. Hydrozoning separates the watering of landscape beds and vs. lawn. It not only considers landscape watering needs but splits into shaded and sunny areas. Advantages To Having A Sprinkler System – Controlled Watering Multiple scheduling options allow controls the watering of your various zones. A rain-shutoff mechanism can save you up to 30% water use if your system includes a wireless water sensor. Note: for maximum efficiency, place the sensor in an open area. A water budget device allows you to run your system incrementally without having to re-adjust. Systems now allow for you to test and adjust the effectiveness of your watering. Ever forget to water on your neighborhood’s selected days? A sprinkler system manages that for you. It gives you the option of adjusting your watering to accommodate the watering restrictions or guidelines of your community. In most cases, watering one inch a week is enough to accommodate the watering needs of your yard. By monitoring the watering in the time of day (optimal is usually before 10 am or after 6 pm) increases the efficiency of watering. You can lose up to 30% of water by watering midday. Sprinkler System Testing Usage To test for the ‘one-inch’ limitation, turn on your sprinkler and set an empty tuna can nearby. When the can is filled, that’s the amount of time it will take your system to water for one week. Less, of course, will be required if it rains. Systems allow you to cut back at the appropriate times of the year. For example, set the flow for 100% in the summer, but you can cut back to 50% during wetter months. Some months, you may be able to turn off your system. Upgrade Your North Texas Sprinkler System After you’ve had your system for a few years, you might want to upgrade. Many of the features listed here didn’t exist just a few years ago, and undoubtedly other advancements will be made in the future. For more on yard-watering tips, contact WaterMyYard.org

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