Does Your Texas Turfgrass Get Enough Light?

Mar 11, 2016 | Lawn Maintenance Tips

Does Your Texas Turfgrass Get Enough LightLight on Texas Turfgrass Most people know that turfgrass needs certain things to be healthy. Does your Texas turfgrass get enough light? Light from the sun, water and nutrients are all essential. However, few people realize that the type of turf they have largely dictates how much light and water it needs.  If you’d like to know more about what kind of grass you have and whether or not it’s getting enough sun, give us a call. We can help you choose the right grass for the amount of light your yard is getting or help you make changes to protect the turf you have. Generally speaking, Bermuda grass is a great choice if you’ve got a sunny yard. In fact, Bermuda loves full sun exposure all day, every day. Most varieties of this grass are extremely heat and drought tolerant, which makes it a great choice for yards in Bedford, Keller and Southlake, Texas. You won’t have to break the bank watering it even during the hottest months, though basic hydration is still a necessity. However, if you’ve got Bermuda grass in a spot that gets less than four hours of direct sunlight every day, then you may have problems with it. Four hours or less isn’t enough time for Bermuda grass to properly photosynthesize. Less energy means weak growth, and this makes the turf more susceptible to drought and disease and less tolerant of temperature extremes. If you have shady areas in your yard, then St. Augustine grass may be a winner for you. It tends to grow well under trees and in other protected areas. Nonetheless, it is essential for St. Augustine grass to get a few hours of sun exposure every day. When customers tell us that their turf used to do well under trees but isn’t thriving any more, we suggest cutting back or thinning the trees. As trees grow, they block the sun’s rays from reaching the grass. Grass, like all plants needs the light from the sun to make energy for the grass to thrive. Without enough sun, even shade-tolerant St. Augustine turf will decline. Native and ornamental grasses such as liriope, the drought tolerant Buffalo grass, or shade tolerate Tall -Fescue may also be successful in a difficult area of your yard. If you need help figuring out what kind of grass is perfect for your yard, or help answering the question “Does your Texas turfgrass get enough light”, then give us a call. We can make professional recommendations based on the amount of sun your lawn receives. You may decide to go with a new variety of grass that will really grow and thrive or we can suggest ways to improve the health of your existing turf.

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