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Fescue Control in Bermuda and St. Augustine Lawns

When you think of the perfect lawn, what does it look like? Chances are good that it is green and lush, with a smooth, uninterrupted surface. That ideal is often difficult to achieve, especially if you are dealing with an infestation of coarse fescue.

Coarse fescue, sometimes referred to as tall fescue, doesn’t grow in a creeping manner the way that traditional turf grasses do. Instead, it grows in clumps, sort of like what ornamental grasses do. When coarse fescue shows up in your lawn, it causes unsightly bumps and tufts that prevent you from achieving that smooth, uniform surface you’ve been trying to achieve.

While some people have come to advocate for coarse fescue as a low maintenance turf grass, this only works if your entire lawn is planted with coarse fescue. It is unlikely that this is the turf you have. Bluegrass and St. Augustine are far more common in Texas. This means that coarse fescue is often nothing more than an eyesore and fescue control is needed.

Fescue Control

It is extremely difficult for homeowners to take on coarse fescue control by themselves. That’s because this weed has such deep roots. Efforts to dig out the plants are labor intensive and frequently unsuccessful. If even the smallest portion of the root is left behind, then you can count on coarse fescue to make a reappearance. Many of the commercially available herbicides are not effective when it comes to controlling coarse fescue. The ones that are more likely to be effective are not selective in nature, meaning that they will kill every plant that they contact, including your turf. However, that is not the case with professional lawn care service companies.

Lawn maintenance professionals have access to an herbicide that will control course fescue and other grassy weeds.  It is not available to the general public. This selective herbicide targets coarse fescue specifically while leaving alone the grass that you want to keep. This represents your best opportunity to get rid of coarse fescue for good so that you can finally achieve that smooth, uniform look you’ve been dreaming about.