Fescue Control in Bermuda and St. Augustine Lawns

Jun 1, 2016 | Lawn Maintenance Tips

fescue controlWhen you think of the perfect lawn, what does it look like? Chances are good that it is green and lush, with a smooth, uninterrupted surface. Unfortunately, that ideal is often difficult to achieve, especially when dealing with an infestation of coarse fescue.

Coarse fescue, sometimes referred to as tall fescue, doesn’t grow in a creeping manner the way that traditional turf grasses do. Instead, it grows in clumps, like what ornamental grasses do. When coarse fescue shows up in your lawn, it causes unsightly bumps and tufts that prevent you from achieving that smooth, uniform surface you’ve been trying to achieve.

While some people have come to advocate coarse fescue as a low-maintenance turf grass, this only works if your lawn is planted with coarse fescue. It is unlikely that this is the turf you have. Bluegrass and St. Augustine are far more common in Texas. This means that coarse fescue is often nothing more than an eyesore, and fescue control is needed.

Controlling Fescue: DIY vs. Professional Help

Taking on coarse fescue control by yourself can be challenging. This weed has such deep roots that efforts to dig out the plants are labor-intensive and frequently unsuccessful. If even the smallest portion of the root is left behind, you can count on coarse fescue to reappear.

Many of the commercially available herbicides are not effective when it comes to controlling coarse fescue. The ones that are more likely to be effective are not selective, meaning that they will kill every plant they contact, including your grass. In contrast, professional lawn care service companies, such as Green Top Lawn Care, can access an herbicide that controls coarse fescue and other grassy weeds. This selective herbicide specifically targets coarse fescue while leaving alone the grass you want to keep.

Common Questions About Coarse Fescue

Understanding the challenges that common lawn issues like coarse fescue present is the first step towards achieving your dream lawn. To help you navigate these issues, we’ve curated a selection of frequently asked questions. These cover the specifics of coarse fescue, its impact on your lawn, and how professional services like those offered by Green Top Lawn Care can provide an effective solution.

What is coarse fescue?

Coarse fescue, also known as tall fescue, is a type of grass that is often considered a weed when it appears in lawns meant for different grass species. Unlike typical lawn grasses that grow in a creeping manner, coarse fescue grows in clumps, which can create an uneven and bumpy appearance in your lawn. While it’s been advocated by some as low-maintenance turf grass, its suitability largely depends on your lawn’s specific needs and the aesthetic you’re aiming for. In areas where Bluegrass and St. Augustine are the desired grass types, such as in Texas, coarse fescue often becomes an unwanted intruder that needs controlling.

How does coarse fescue affect my lawn?

Coarse fescue, due to its clumping growth habit, can significantly impact the uniformity and aesthetics of your lawn. Where most lawn grass species grow evenly and create a smooth, lush green surface, coarse fescue grows in tufts or clumps. These clumps can cause your lawn to appear uneven, bumpy, and less manicured. Additionally, the texture and color of coarse fescue can contrast with your desired lawn grasses, creating an inconsistent look. Lastly, like any weed, coarse fescue competes with your lawn for resources such as water, sunlight, and nutrients, which can impact the overall health and vitality of your lawn.

Is fescue hard to get rid of?

Yes, coarse fescue can be particularly challenging to remove. This is largely due to its deep root system. Manual removal methods, such as digging, are labor-intensive and often don’t guarantee success. If even a small portion of the root is left behind, the plant can regenerate. Furthermore, many commercially available herbicides are either ineffective against coarse fescue or non-selective, meaning they may also damage or kill your desired lawn grass. Professional lawn care services often have access to selective herbicides that can specifically target and control coarse fescue without harming other grasses.

Will tall fescue spread on its own?

Yes, tall fescue, also known as coarse fescue, can spread on its own. While it doesn’t spread through creeping stolons or rhizomes like some other grass species, it spreads through its robust production of seeds. If left unmanaged, the seeds produced by tall fescue can disperse and establish new clumps in other areas of your lawn. It’s also important to note that its deep root system and hardiness allow it to thrive in a variety of conditions, aiding its spread and persistence in your lawn.

Does tall fescue grow back?

Yes, tall fescue, or coarse fescue, is a perennial grass, meaning it has the ability to grow back year after year. Its deep root system contributes to its resilience, allowing it to regenerate even after being cut back or exposed to harsh conditions. In addition, if a removal attempt leaves even a small piece of the root behind, it can regrow from that fragment. This robust growth habit is part of what makes it difficult to control or eliminate from lawns where it is considered a weed.

Is tall fescue the same as coarse fescue?

Yes, tall fescue and coarse fescue are the same plants. The terms “tall” and “coarse” are descriptors often used interchangeably to refer to this grass type. These terms refer to its characteristics – “tall” speaks to its growth habit as it tends to grow higher than some other grass types, and “coarse” refers to the texture of the grass, which is less fine than species like Kentucky bluegrass or Bermuda grass. Regardless of the name used, it’s a resilient, clumping grass that can present challenges in lawns where a uniform, manicured appearance is desired.

Green Top Lawn Care‘s Fescue Control Services

Our team of experts at Green Top Lawn Care has access to specialized herbicides needed to control coarse fescue without harming your desired grass species. We strive to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams, from fescue removal to regular maintenance.

Don’t let coarse fescue rob you of your dream lawn. At Green Top Lawn Care, we specialize in transforming lawns, turning them into lush, fescue-free paradises.

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