Is Thatch Buildup Hurting Your lawn?

May 20, 2016 | Lawn Aeration Tips, Lawn Maintenance Tips

ThatchIs Thatch Buildup Hurting Your lawn? Whether homeowners in Euless and Colleyville realize it or not, thatch buildup is probably having a detrimental effect on their lawns. This problem is more than just old grass clippings. Usually, it’s a combination of dead turfgrass crowns, dead roots and other debris. Some grass clippings may be present in the mix, but these are actually beneficial to your lawn as long as there isn’t too much thatch. A layer that is thicker than a half inch is too much. If you have buildup on your lawn, then give us a call. We can dethatch your lawn and you’ll soon have gorgeous, green turf. Some types of grasses are more prone to thatch than others. Kentucky bluegrass, for instance, is particularly susceptible. Many of the materials that make up thatch are resistant to decay. The beneficial insects and microorganisms that typically help these materials break down just can’t keep up with the amount of material that’s being distributed. This means that the grass’ roots aren’t getting the water, sunlight and nutrients that they desperately need to thrive. Even worse, your lawn will start to develop a root system within the thatch. This is a bad situation that leaves your lawn vulnerable to temperature extremes. Thatch is also bad news because it harbors pests, mildew and diseases. Weed seeds also lay dormant in thatch and germinate when the time is right. Before you know it, you’re confronted with a lawn that’s just barely surviving. What can you do to remove the excess thatch and help to prevent it from coming back? If you’re dealing with excess thatch in a very small, contained area, you may be able to get rid of the thatch with a dethatching rake. After aerating and checking your soil’s pH balance, you may be able to deal successfully with the situation and prevent it from getting worse. However, if you are dealing with a larger yard or a more widespread problem, then it’s time to call in the lawn maintenance professionals. If you have having trouble with excess thatch in the lawn at your Dallas/Fort Worth home, then give us a call. We’ll bring our powerful aerator to your house so that in just a few hours we will have your lawn aerated. We’ll also properly core aerate your lawn to make certain the problem doesn’t come back, and we’ll set you up on a fertilization plan that can ensure that your thatch problems will be gone.

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