Ten Benefits of Mulching

Jul 11, 2016 | Lawn Maintenance Tips

If you currently are not enjoying the benefits of mulching, you probably should be.  There are many benefits of mulching our flowerbeds, around trees, and other landscape areas, the primary reason that comes to mind is to inhibit weed growth. That is a good reason to mulch, but let’s look at several other reasons why you should be mulching.


  1. Inhibits weed growth: Who wouldn’t like fewer weeds in their flowerbeds, gardens, or anywhere for that matter? A good 3″ thick layer of mulch will definitely help reduce the weeds in your flowerbeds. The few weeds that do come up, despite your mulch application, can be easily pulled. The flip side to that, you can work yourself crazy trying to keep up with an un-mulched flowerbed full of weeds. Also see our great article about the Eight Worst Weeds in North Texas.
  2. Prevents soil compaction: Imagine what happens to your soil when it rains or when the sun bakes it. Mulch acts as a buffer in minimizing the compacting effects of rainfall, other watering, and the elements.
  3. Reduces soil erosion: Again, a sufficient layer of mulch will act as a buffer to help prevent any erosion that may occur from rainfall, other watering, or run-off.
  4. Improves the quality of the soil: Something to keep in mind, this years mulch is next years food. As the mulch breaks down, it provides nutrients that can significantly improve the quality of your soil; in turn you are able to grow healthy, beautiful plants and flowers in your flowerbeds or garden.
  5. Moderates soil temperatures: During the heat of the summer months, mulch keeps the soil cooler. In the chill of the winter months, mulch insulates plant roots from the lower temperatures that are damaging to some plants.
  6. Reduces the likelihood of soil-borne diseases on foliage: Mulch can prevent soil and possible fungi from splashing on to foliage, which can reduce the likelihood of soil-borne diseases.
  7. Reduces damage to plants from lawn mowers and trimmers: When applied in flowerbeds and around trees, mulch provides a physical barrier which prevents damage to plants during lawn mowing and weed trimming.
  8. Enhances aesthetic appeal: I am always amazed at what a difference a mulched flowerbed makes in beautifying the entire lawn and landscaping.
  9. Reduces evaporation from the soil’s surface: One of the most important reasons to put down mulch in our hot Texas climate is to reduce evaporation of water from the soil. Less evaporation results in more water retention for your plants and lawn. As we all know, the importance of water conservation is becoming more important than ever.
  10. Repurposes recycled products: Mulching creates purpose for recycled products such as tree trimmings, recycled rubber and other products.

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