NRH Texas Insect Control

NRH Texas Lawn Insect Control

NRH Texas Insect Control

NRH Texas Insect Control – Controlling lawn pests is just as important as mowing and watering when it comes to maintaining healthy turf. In fact, ignoring a pest infestation can destroy a lawn despite efforts to provide the best care. If you’re having problems with unexplained brown patches or thinning grass, then it’s time to contact Green Top Lawn Care for North Richland Hills, Texas lawn insect control.

Services We Provide

Grubs are a menace to lawns, but our grub preventative applications protect your grass. These larval beetles are famous throughout Texas for their voracious appetites. Fortunately, we can stop them in their tracks. If you’ve already got grubs, Green Top can handle that problem too. We know how to get rid of grubs, and repair your lawn. We’ve also got the tools you need for dealing with fire ants. Common lawn pests like chinch bugs and armyworms won’t stand a chance once we’re on the scene. Whether it’s a one-time treatment or an ongoing program, Green Top can provide all of your lawn insect control in North Richland Hills.

Why Buy Lawn Insect Control in NRH?

In addition to ensuring a healthy lawn, insect control promises to decrease the number of pests that make their way into homes. This means a more comfortable lifestyle for everyone. People also appreciate that a lawn that isn’t overrun by insects is a more pleasant place to spend leisure hours. You’ll get the most out of your yard when you choose Green Top to control lawn insects.

Common lawn insects in North Richland Hills include grasshoppers, white grubs, billbugs and cutworms. Grasshoppers mainly affect rural areas, but fringe urban areas similarly are at risk. Chemical barriers and insecticides may be effective at controlling grasshopper populations. White grubs are Junebugs in their larval state. They feed on grass roots, causing massive devastation. Billbugs create small patches of dying grass while cutworms may feed below or at the surface, depending upon the species.

How To Prevent Pests in North Richland Hills Lawns

Your Green Top technician will advise you regarding dethatching your lawn to promote air and water circulation. Dethatching further allows fertilizers and insecticides to reach all levels of the grass. Similarly, your technician may recommend aeration to improve your lawn’s health. These and other cultural practices may ensure that pests look elsewhere for a place to live.

Why Use Green Top For Lawn Insect Control in North Richland Hills?

We can put you on a schedule that addresses current pest issues while also preventing new ones. Our well-trained technicians are able to apply the correct amount of insecticides at the right moment to achieve the best results while also protecting people, pets and the environment. North Richland Hills residents can trust Green Top to provide reliable advice concerning mowing, fertilizing and watering to make their lawn even more healthy and beautiful.

Let Green Top take care of all your NRH Texas Lawn Service needs!

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