Watering Quick Tips

Quick Tip #1 : Best Type of Sprinklers

Best Type of Sprinklers The main goal of sprinklers is to deliver water in a uniform fashion in a certain area. Ideally if they can deliver the water fast, but not cause runoff, that is best. Rotary sprinklers can be the best choice […]


Quick Tip #4: What Time Should I Water My Lawn

What time should I water my lawn? It is usually best to water early in the morning. Ideally you want to water when the grass won’t stay wet for prolonged periods of time. Also in the early morning , the wind shouldn’t […]

Quick Tip #10: Over Watering Your Lawn?

Over watering makes the top layer of soil too wet and encourages grass to develop weak shallow roots. This can lead to winter freeze damage and quick injury in hot dry weather. Deep watering infrequently is[…]

Quick Tips #15: Watering for St. Augustine

Proper watering is an important part of maintaining St. Augustine grass. It is vital to wet the soil to a depth of three to four inches so that the plants grow deeper roots. This helps the grass survive […]

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