Southlake Texas Weed Control

Southlake Texas Weed Control

Southlake Texas Weed Control

Have you noticed that the weeds in your Southlake, Texas lawn seem to get larger every day while your grass gets thinner? If so, then you’re not alone. Many weeds are common here, and they can be tough to kill. Don’t spend any more backbreaking hours trying to rid your grass of weeds. Ask the professionals at Green Top Lawn Care to help. With their advanced knowledge and access to strong, effective weed killers, they can turn your yard into a showplace.

Southlake, Texas Weed Control Services

Green Top’s well-qualified technicians will treat your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide that establishes a barrier that prohibits weed growth at least twice a year. Existing invasive plants will be treated with a post-emergent herbicide that kills the weed all the way down to the root. Different chemicals are required for the various species of weeds that are common in Southlake, and that’s where our expertise really matters. There are many Types Of Lawn Weeds in our area.

Oxalis, which many of our clients know as woodsorrel, is often seen in lawns in Southlake. Its leaves look a bit like clover, and each plant is capable of sending seeds over long distances since its capsules have a tendency to explode. Poorly maintained lawns are especially vulnerable to oxalis, making proper care a must.

Goosegrass, another problem in Southlake, is easily spread from one lawn to the next on the wind. It grows with remarkable speed, which makes it vital that the plants be controlled as soon as possible. Just ask Green Top Lawn Care to handle this difficult task for you.

Other common Southlake Weeds are: dandelions, spurge, thistle, and crabgrass

Methods of Weed Control in Southlake

Because so many weeds thrive where lawns are poorly maintained, Green Top often begins by introducing better cultural practices. This means counseling clients about recommended mowing techniques and improved methods of watering. Guidelines concerning aeration and fertilization and perhaps trying a new species of grass may also prove helpful. Green Top helps clients with all of these essential tasks.

In addition, Green Top’s technicians apply pre- and post-emergent herbicides that can stop weeds in their tracks. Existing weeds will wither and die to be replaced by green, luxurious turf. When combined with balancing the pH in your soil, this can completely transform your lawn.

Let Green Top take care of all your Lawn Service needs in Southlake TX.

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