Tree Shrub Care Tips

Quick Tip #6: Pruning Hedges to Keep Them Dense Hedges should be pruned wider at the base than they are at the top. By pruning them this way, you are giving the bottom branches the […]

Quick Tip #3: Variegated Plants Turning Green Your variegated Privet or variegated Euonymus is turning solid green. This can happen with most variegated plants. It is reverting to it’s original color. As with all variegated […]

Quick Tip #2: Dying Junipers If your junipers are dying from the inside out, you may have spider mites. In some cases, the browning may go from the bottom to the top. Shake the foliage […]

Magnolia Care Southern Magnolias are planted for their shade and their evergreen foliage. There are deciduous Magnolias that lose their leaves in the winter and have large, usually purple or pink flowers. There are some […]

Lawn Fertilizer in North Texas Your lawn needs to be fertilized to keep it healthy. We hope you are signed up for our fertilization and weed control program to make sure your lawn is getting […]

Mistletoe I do a lot of driving in Euless, Bedford, Hurst, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, and surrounding areas. Recently, I’ve noticed a considerable amount of mistletoe in the trees. In some cases, it looks like the […]

If you live in North Texas you probably have a live oak tree. If you don’t have one than I can guarantee someone on your block has one. Live Oaks, Quercus fusiformis are a common […]

Photinia Shrubs and Entomosporium Disease Photinia, also call Red tip photinia, Photinia x fraseri and other Photinia species along with Indian hawthorn are commonly damaged by Entomosporium disease, a common fungal leaf spot. There have […]

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