Quick Tip #6: Pruning Hedges to Keep Them Dense

Sep 8, 2016 | Tree Shrub Care Tips

Quick Tip #6: Pruning Hedges to Keep Them Dense Hedges should be pruned wider at the base than they are at the top. By pruning them this way, you are giving the bottom branches the maximum amount of sunlight. If possible use lopping shears to prune instead of hedge trimming shears or power trimmers. Give you hedges more light inside the canopy by planting them a little further apart. They will grow denser and more compacted than if they are crowed together and are loosing inside leaves due to lack of light. Ideally you want your shrubs planted as far apart as they will be allow to grow in height. If they will end up being trimmed to 6 feet tall, then plant them 6 feet apart. Consider letting them grow as naturally as possible with little trimming for utmost health. Visit Tree & Shrub Care Quick Tips for more Shrub tips like this!

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