Quick Tip #3: Variegated Plants Turning Green

Sep 7, 2016 | Tree Shrub Care Tips

Quick Tip #3: Variegated Plants Turning Green Your variegated Privet or variegated Euonymus is turning solid green. This can happen with most variegated plants. It is reverting to it’s original color. As with all variegated plants the green stems will be more vigorous than the variegated stems, so they will grow faster and over take the variegated stems if left to grow. Also, if you plants are not getting enough sunlight, it can cause it to revert back to the original green color because the green leaves will have more chlorophyll and be able to convert more sunlight to energy. Make sure your variegated plants have enough sunlight and keep the solid green stems pruned out. Visit Tree & Shrub Care Quick Tips for more Shrub tips like this!

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