Controlling Rescue Grass in Dallas/FT Worth Lawns

Aug 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

Controlling Rescue Grass in Dallas/FT Worth Lawns It isn’t always easy to identify grassy weeds. That’s because these invaders, like rescuegrass, can look a lot like turf. However, when you take a closer look, you begin to notice several differences. Rescuegrass is a perennial weed that can take over a lawn. It grows in bunches, marring the smooth uniformity of healthy turf. You’ll recognize it from its compressed sheath, which actually forms a tube that encloses the stem.

The blades are slightly hairy and flat. Although it is a common weed throughout much of the contiguous 48 states, it seems to be especially prevalent in Texas. Many of these other locales don’t treat rescuegrass as a weed. That’s not true in Texas where we regard it as a serious problem. In Texas, rescuegrass thrives in the winter. That’s because the summer heat is simply too much for it. Accordingly, you’ll start to notice parts of your lawn die off as spring turns to summer. Some homeowners mistakenly think that it is their lawn that is dying, so they turn up the watering and the fertilization. This is good for the rest of your grass, but it will not turn those brown spots green if they are actually rescuegrass.

As providers of professional lawn maintenance services, we are qualified to keep rescuegrass out of your lawn. We use several different treatment methods to control the situation. If it is September, then we will apply a pre-emergent herbicide to affected areas of your lawn. This is the perfect timing for this application because the rescuegrass is just starting to become active again after its summer dormancy. Using good mowing techniques is also essential to rescuegrass control in Texas. When the lawn is mowed regularly, the seed heads on rescuegrass are routinely removed, which means it doesn’t have a chance to reproduce. You’ll start to see an improvement in the health of your lawn almost right away, and next winter you’ll notice that things are looking better than ever as you continue to see less rescuegrass in your lawn. If your Keller or Grapevine lawn needs to be rescued from rescuegrass, then give us a call. We help property owners throughout the area solve perplexing turf problems. After we’ve put our know-how and cutting-edge techniques to work on your lawn, you’ll start seeing the difference. Getting to a weed free lawn begins as easily as contacting us for a consultation.

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