Doveweed: What Is It and How Do I Control It?

Aug 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

Doveweed: What Is It and How Do I Control It?

If you haven’t heard of doveweed before, you’re not alone. Relatively speaking, it’s a “new” problem in grass. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not hitting Texas lawns hard. Doveweed is aggressive and fast spreading. That makes it extremely hard to control. No wonder so many lawn care experts are now classifying it as the world’s worst weed. You might also hear doveweed being referred to as nakedstem dewflower. It germinates later in the season than other weeds like crabgrass. In fact, much of its success depends upon this later germination. Its seeds wait until soil temperatures are routinely hitting 65 and 70° F in the late spring to begin germinating. This means that pre-emergent herbicides that were applied in February or March may not have enough effective strength left to make a dent in the growth of doveweed.

The other thing that helps ensure the success of doveweed is its similar appearance to St. Augustine grass. Many homeowners simply don’t know there is a problem until it gets out of control. Doveweed is able to reproduce by spreading its stems to other parts of the lawn. Accordingly, homeowners assist this process each time they mow. The stems get cut and fall elsewhere in the turf, giving doveweed a chance to establish another home. The leaves of the doveweed are thick and rubbery. Often, they appear shiny. This particular weed prefers a wet environment, so if you have areas of your lawn where drainage is poor, these portions may be susceptible to a doveweed infestation.

The application of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides is typically required to get a handle on the problem. It is essential to apply the right herbicides in the correct amount to get rid of doveweed while also protecting the turf you want to keep. Moreover, when herbicides are applied is just as important as choosing the right formula. When a pre-emergent herbicide is applied too late, it is ineffective. The same is true for the too-early application of a post-emergent herbicide. Either error wastes time and money while posing a potential danger to your lawn. If you want to bring doveweed under control, then give us a call today. It’s important that we act quickly to diagnose the problem before it can spread to an even larger portion of your lawn. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are your number one ally for doveweed control.

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