Quick Tip #1 : Best Type of Sprinklers

Sep 6, 2016 | Watering Tips

Quick Tip #1 : Best Type of Sprinklers The main goal of sprinklers is to deliver water in a uniform fashion in a certain area. Ideally if they can deliver the water fast, but not cause runoff, that is best. Rotary sprinklers can be the best choice in North Texas due to the high winds we often have. Water droplets from rotary sprinklers are bigger, so they blow less. The downside to rotary types is that they tend not to be as uniform in coverage. The best types are the ones that provide the best coverage for the least price. There may be city restrictions for head types or drip watering in your city so check on that if you are putting in a new system. Visit Quick Watering Tips for more watering tips like this

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