Battling Asters In Your Lawn

Jun 6, 2016 | Weed Control Tips

Battling Asters in Your Lawn You probably love the site of asters, you may have even planted some in your garden, but if they are coming up in your lawn, it can be a different story. If you are having problems with the broadleaf weed known as the white heath aster or the purple shorter variety then you will definitely be interested in our selective weed control program. We can take care of this pesky problem with great lawn care techniques and the minimum amount of safe, effective herbicides. You’ll know that a weed is a white heath aster from its clumped, vertical stems. If you examine the base of the plant, you’ll find that it looks a bit woody. The stems may be either smooth or hairy, but the leaves are always hairy. This perennial weed dies back in the late fall, but its fibrous root system survives at the surface of the soil. It begins blooming in August and doesn’t quit until November when it finally gives up for the year. The appearance of the flowers should remove any doubt about what kind of weed you’re dealing with. They look like tiny daisies. Usually, they are white, but they are occasionally pink or purple.

Asters in Your Lawn – What To Do?

White heath aster can do well in just about any kind of soil conditions. It’s known as a vigorous re-seeder, and that’s why it’s such bad news if you spot it in your lawn. One weed can quickly become a dozen, and the reproduction is exponential from there. Getting rid of asters in any lawn requires an aggressive approach. It’s not enough to just mow them back and try to make your lawn healthier. Instead, application of an herbicide is recommended. The herbicide we use is selective, meaning that it effectively kills weeds while leaving your lawn healthy and growing. Best of all, this herbicide works from the roots up. This means that the whole weed will be killed. Then, we can focus on making your lawn as lush and thick as it can possibly be. White heath aster is extremely good at finding the thin, dying parts of your lawn that haven’t been fertilized and haven’t gotten enough hydration. These weak spots are like a welcome mat for weeds. When you sign up for our lawn maintenance program, we’ll roll up that welcome mat and replace it with beautiful, green turf. Contact us if you see aster growing in your lawn. It is possible to control and eradicate white heath aster in your grass. The first step is calling us to take a look at your home or business in Colleyville, Keller and beyond. The good news is that we can kill the asters in your lawn, unfortunately because they are so woody, like tiny shrubs, you will still have the brown stems left after they die. This is why it is so important to get them taken care of while they are small and before they spread and ruin the look of your lawn even after they have have been killed. As soon as you see asters in your lawn, give us a call. Our Fertilization and Weed Control program can help thicken your grass so it resists asters from growing, our pre-emergent will help keep the seeds from germinating, and if they are already in your lawn, we can use special products to kill the asters and stop them from reproducing.

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