Can You Put Fertilizer on Your Lawn to Kill Weeds?

May 19, 2023 | Weed Control Tips

The foundation of a lush, vibrant lawn is a well-planned fertilization program. Fertilizers do not kill weeds, but they play a crucial role in discouraging the growth of these weeds that plague your yard.

The Role of Fertilizer in Lawn Care

Enriched with essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, fertilizers spur healthy, dense grass growth. This hearty growth, in turn, limits the room available for weeds to take root, denying them access to vital resources like sunlight and soil nutrients.

However, if your lawn has already fallen victim to a widespread weed infestation, solely using fertilizer might not completely solve the problem. A more precise approach to weed control often requires specialized products such as herbicides or weed killers. That’s where professional lawn care companies like Green Top Lawn Care come in.

The Expert Approach to Weed Control: Herbicides

At Green Top Lawn Care, we make use of commercial-grade herbicides that aren’t typically available to the public. These professional products work by specifically targeting and eradicating weed species, effectively halting their growth and eventually leading to their demise. These are a more powerful form of weed control and are particularly useful when dealing with lawns heavily infested by invasive weed species.

However, the use of herbicides is a skill that demands precision. Each herbicide is designed to target specific types of weeds, while others work across a broader spectrum. Improper application of these potent substances could inadvertently harm your lawn or other desirable plants in your garden. As lawn care professionals, we take the utmost care in properly using and applying these products.

Professional Solutions vs. DIY Methods

For those attempting to tackle weed control independently, “weed and feed” products can seem like an attractive, simple solution. These products combine a fertilizer’s nourishing effects with the herbicide’s weed-killing power. However, such solutions often are less effective than the methods employed by professional lawn care companies.

At Green Top Lawn Care, we do not rely on “weed and feed” products. While it is convenient for amateur gardeners or DIY enthusiasts, they lack the potency and specificity of commercial-grade weed control products. Additionally, “weed and feed” products are non-selective, meaning they could potentially harm other plants in your yard if not applied correctly.

The Importance of Proper Identification and Regular Lawn Maintenance

Correctly identifying the types of weeds that are infesting your lawn is an important part of an effective weed control strategy. Different weed species may respond to different control methods, and some commercial products are more suitable for certain types of weeds.

Moreover, effective weed control service is not a one-off task but part of an ongoing lawn care routine. Regular mowing, suitable watering, and timely fertilization are essential to maintaining a weed-free lawn.

Trust in Green Top Lawn Care

At Green Top Lawn Care, our trained experts use superior commercial products and employ the best lawn care practices, ensuring that your lawn remains lush, healthy, and weed-free. We don’t just tackle the symptoms—we target the source, preventing future weed infestations.

Don’t wait to give your lawn the professional care it deserves. Get in touch with us today at (817) 684-4044 or request a weed control and fertilization quote. With Green Top Lawn Care, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is in professional hands.

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