Dallisgrass Control in North Texas

Jun 24, 2016 | Weed Control Tips

Dallisgrass Control in North Texas When it comes to lawns, all grasses are not created equal. Dallisgrass Control in North Texas is a serious problem, made worse by regulations on the main weed control product used to control it. That is the case with coarse, clumping dallisgrass. This troubling weed pops up in gardens and lawns all across Texas, causing headaches for thousands of people. How do you know if you have dallisgrass invading your lawn? Dallisgrass has a coarse texture and grows in a circular clump. When left to its own devices, the dallisgrass clump gets larger and larger. Often, more than one clump makes an appearance at a time. As each of the clumps gets larger, they can grow together to form a large clump that’s really hard to get rid of. As individual clumps get larger, their center tends to begin to die. Sometimes another weed will begin growing in this spot. The roots are shallow, and they do particularly well in clay or sandy soils. Nitrogen fertilizer gives weeds like this a real boost. Accordingly, people who fertilize a lawn that contains dallisgrass are likely to find that the weed’s growth far outstrips that of their turf. The result is some ugly tufts in the midst of an otherwise smooth lawn. One of the best ways to manage dallisgrass is with good lawn management techniques. Healthy, dense grass that gets plenty of water and the right fertilization along with proper mowing is better able to fight off an infestation of dallisgrass. Any bare spots in the lawn need to be seeded with grass as soon as possible to keep unwanted dallisgrass seeds out of the turf. A pre-emergent herbicide is also helpful for controlling dallisgrass. This perennial weed drops hundreds of seeds every year, making for an ongoing problem for many seasons. A pre-emergent herbicide that is effective against crabgrass usually works well for this weed also. If the dallisgrass is already well grown, then a post-emergent herbicide may be the answer. Once again, an herbicide that works on crabgrass can also be effective on dallisgrass. Another way to get rid of the problem is through hand pulling the weeds. The area can be re-seeded with grass to ensure that the weeds are less likely to return. If you think that unsightly tufts of dallisgrass are invading your beautiful lawn, then get in touch with us. We work on lawns throughout Euless, Bedford, Grapevine and elsewhere throughout North Texas. You don’t have to live with grassy weeds like this. Contact us to get rid of it and save your healthy lawn.

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