Dandelions Taking Over Your Lawn?

Lawn Full Of Dandelions

Dandelions– Chances are good that if you have a lawn, you have dandelions. These troublesome weeds are the scourge of everyone who dreams of having a lush lawn. Unfortunately, dandelions are extremely good at multiplying. They need little encouragement to take over a lawn completely. If dandelions are spoiling the view of your yard, then give us a call. We have some strategies we can use to get these invaders out of your lawn.

The reason that dandelions are so hard to kill is that they grow from a taproot that is buried two to three feet deep in the soil. This makes it virtually impossible to pull them out by hand. Many homeowners have spent hours performing this backbreaking labor only to discover that it provides only a temporary solution. Because they cannot get to the taproot, they cannot eradicate the problem.

Our years of experience have provided us with the knowledge that’s required to get to the source of dandelions and get rid of it for good. Once we have the immediate problem under control, we can work on preventative lawn care measures that ensure that dandelions don’t become an ongoing problem. The best way to keep dandelions from coming back is to make sure that your turfgrass is dense and thriving. The thicker and healthier your lawn is, the fewer room dandelions have to take root. The real problem with keeping dandelions from coming back is that the seeds are blown on the wind from other people’s lawns, so if your neighbors are fighting dandelions, then you are more likely to have to do so as well. However, if your lawn is thick and healthy, it will be much harder for those seeds to take root.

We make your lawn healthy and thick by feeding it properly. That means applying a weed and feed lawn fertilizer at least once or twice a year. This proactive approach helps to lessen the likelihood that any dandelion seeds that are blown onto your lawn have a chance to survive. We also act quickly when we spot a dandelion that is growing, using the most effective weed killers available to eradicate the issue.

From the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension  – The dandelion is a perennial plant with a deep, thick taproot.

If you’re concerned about dandelions in your lawn, then give us a call. We have the experience, know-how, and dedication that are required to make sure your grass is the best in the neighborhood.

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