Henbit Weeds In North Texas Lawns

Jun 7, 2016 | Weed Control Tips

Henbit weeds in north Texas Henbit, like most weeds, is successful at growing anywhere. You’ll see it in parking lots and along roadsides throughout Texas. However, what’s really bad is that you’ll also see it growing in lawns. Henbit is one of those weeds that drives homeowners crazy. Don’t try to take care of this persistent weed yourself. Give us a call to ensure that you stop seeing henbit in your yard. You might almost think henbit was pretty with its purple flowers, but when you look closer and find the square stem, you’ll know you’re dealing with a worrisome invasive that you have to get rid of. Henbit is likely to bloom in the winter in Texas where the weather is warmer throughout the year. Once it gets done blooming it’s ready to release all kinds of seeds. Some will grow where they fall while others are carried by wind, water, animals and insects to all sorts of other places. Those seeds will lay where they come to rest throughout the summer, germinating again when cooler temperatures are just right to start the cycle all over again.

Henbit What Can I Do?

Often, a fall application of a pre-emergent herbicide is the key to getting rid of henbit for good. When it’s applied correctly, the pre-emergent herbicide creates a barrier along the ground that prevents the seeds from getting any farther than germinating. The herbicide takes over at this point and stops the plant from growing. When the problem is farther along in the process, such as the plants are already appearing, it may not be too late to do something about the issue. A post-emergent herbicide can be effective, especially when it is applied before henbit has a chance to bloom. Timing is especially important with this approach, because once its’ blooms start showing, the seeds for next year’s crop appear surprisingly quickly. Of course, the best way to keep this weed, or any weed from getting into your lawn is by making certain that your turf is a thick and healthy as possible. Proper fertilization and watering can help ensure that your lawn has what it takes to fight off unwanted invaders. Whether you’re living in Keller or Colleyville, we can help you get a handle on henbit. By making certain that your lawn is as healthy as it can be, we can make certain that weeds don’t get the upper hand. Call us to say good-bye to your weed problems.

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