Lawn Pre-emergent Weed Control

Sep 1, 2016 | Weed Control Tips

Having an impeccable, lush lawn is one of the joys of being a homeowner. Many things, including regular mowing, watering, fertilization, and weed control are involved in the routine maintenance that goes along with an immaculate lawn. Applying a lawn pre-emergent at the right time and in the correct manner is crucial. By properly applying a quality pre-emergent to your lawn, you can be certain weeds won’t have a chance. Understanding what a lawn pre-emergent is and how it works is an important part of preventive maintenance.

Pre-emergent Weed Control Application

Weeds are not only unsightly in lawns, but they also interfere with the healthy growth and spread of grass. Lawn Pre-emergent herbicides are an effective way to control annual weeds. Pre-emergent kills seeds as they germinate so that weeds never emerge from the soil. However, pre-emergents are not effective against weeds that are already growing, so they must be applied before weeds are seen to be present in the soil when seed germination occurs.

Timing plays an important part when it comes to pre-emergent application. Seeds germinate at a certain soil temperature, usually close to 50 degrees. Keeping this in mind will give you a general idea of when to apply the pre-emergent in the spring and when to apply it in the fall. In North Texas, spring pre-emergent application generally falls late winter to early spring to effectively control summer annual weeds.

For fall application, September – early October is usually best in controlling winter weeds in North Texas. Either way, don’t wait too long or the weeds will have already sprouted and the pre-emergent will be ineffective.

After pre-emergent application, consider a watering schedule carefully. It is not wise to depend on seasonal rainfall since it can be so unpredictable in North Texas. Both under watering and over watering the treated area allows weeds to survive and escape control of the pre-emergent. Proper watering following the herbicide application is a crucial part of achieving successful weed control. Once the pre-emergent is applied, it’s important that the herbicide receive enough moisture as soon as possible to get the chemical barrier in contact with the soil. If the pre-emergent is not watered in promptly and is left exposed to sunlight for too long, the active ingredient in some herbicides will begin to break down and the pre-emergent will not be effective in controlling weeds. Also, avoiding disruption to the treated area immediately after treatment and watering ensures optimal weed control.

Most importantly, read and follow all the instructions on the pre-emergent carefully. Simply following instructions on the label can solve and/or prevent most problems. Did you buy the right kind of herbicide for your specific need and the type of lawn you have? It is possible you may have to use an additional pre-emergent herbicide for different types of weeds growing.

Finally, don’t skimp! It’s easy with a tight economy to be tempted to save a few dollars. Using the recommended herbicide rate is crucial when it comes to inhibiting weed growth and having a beautiful lawn all year long.

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