Virginia Buttonweed Control

Jun 20, 2016 | Weed Control Tips

Virginia Buttonweed Control If you have a lawn in Texas, then chances are good that you have seen some Virginia buttonweed cropping up in it. This warm season, perennial weed gets its start in the spring and doesn’t quit growing throughout the summer. Its thick, mat-like growth pattern enables it to choke out the turf you would rather keep. Even worse, most herbicides that you’ll find at home improvement stores don’t have what it takes to get rid of this broadleaf weed. That’s why it nearly always makes sense to have a professional lawn maintenance service take care of this problem for you. Virginia buttonweed is best controlled with several applications of a specialized herbicide. To be most effective, it’s recommended for the herbicide to be applied in April and then again in May. These are the months when Virginia buttonweed is really starting to take off, so it’s our best opportunity to get control of the situation. When infestations are particularly bad, it is necessary to continue with the application of herbicides throughout the summer months. However, the herbicide can be damaging to desirable grasses when temperatures climb to summer highs. This necessitates spot treatments that require quite a bit of finesse. Once again, it’s best to trust a professional lawn service company to handle these issues so that only a minimum of turf is lost. Virginia buttonweed loves warm, moist conditions, and its low-growing tendencies make it tolerant of close mowing. It spreads by distributing seeds, so resist the temptation to rip it out when you spot it in your lawn. By doing so you’ll probably just end up scattering seeds, which means that you’ll end up with an even bigger problem next year. Proper lawn maintenance techniques can help to keep Virginia buttonweed out of your grass. The thicker and healthier your turf is, the fewer chances buttonweed will have to establish itself. However, no amount of good lawn management will get rid of buttonweed once it settles in. Regardless of how carefully you water, mow or fertilize, buttonweed is there to stay unless you treat it with the right herbicide. Because it is one of the toughest weeds to eradicate from lawns, it is essential that you contact a professional lawn care service to get rid of your Virginia buttonweed problem. Whether you live in Keller, Euless, Bedford or elsewhere, we can provide you with the help you need.

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